Saturday, January 16, 2010

Christmas Eve, Texas game, Girls Night, and New Hair Cuts!

Jess and Hadyn came over one night to hang out and play one day last week! Karlea and I out on "girls night" with Jess!
Jess and I out on "girls night"

Shel and th boys with all their Tech gear on! All the boys got new jerseys for Christmas!

Shel and I on NYE!

Daddy and I on NYE!

Rachel and I on NYE!

The Princess and I on NYE!

Me and Shel

me and Rach

Shel, Shane, and Me on NYE!

Shane and I on NYE!

Daddy and girl on NYE...the twins were both sick!

Jess and I!

The twinks today before they went to church with Nan-Nan!


Karson right after his haircut!

Karlea right after her haircut!

The back of Karlea's hair after her hair cut...LOVE IT!

While Karson was getting his makes me sad all if his pretty hair is gone but I figure I will have my beach baby with his blonde flowing hair back by the summer, his hair grows fast!

Karlea this morning at Klayton's basketball game!

Karson playing and LOVIN my cousins dog, Remmington!

Karlea playin and lovin the dog too! They better play with it while its here cuz we are NEVER gettin any kind of pet!
Puppy Remmy!

the back of Karlea's shirt, I love it!

Karlea this morning as we were leavin Jess's and thats little miss Hadyn...YES she is walking!
Karlea's favorite puzzle...

The frame Shel got me for Christmas, I love it!
birthday present from Rachel...
another bday gift from Rachel...

My new runnin shoes....
the twinks......
This is Karlea and Aniston, we went to hs in Lancaster with her dad, Matt Bragg, their family came over last Saturday to Shel's to watch the Cowboy game. Aniston and the twins are not only all 3 but they have the same EXACT bday as well. Look how much taller Karlea is than she is! They had fun playing together! Out Cowboy cake that all the kids LOVED!
Shel and I gettin ready to watch the Cowboys first playoff game!

shel and I

the kids at Klayton's first basketball game last saturday!
Jess and I watching the National Championship game at the house!

me and Jess

Look at miss Hadyn walkin....Karlea loves to play with her!

Me and My boys all Texas'd up.....

Karson and I watchin the BOYS...
Karlea girl and I

The twins and I at grammy and grampys
Little Collage I made on Facebook!

LOVE this pic, all the kids on NYE!!


Karlea and Jack on Christmas night!

The kids at Uncle Buck's Brewery where we ate dinner after church a couple weeks ago.
Shel, Karlea, and I last Saturday