Monday, December 29, 2008

Our Birthday!

Shel and I went out for our 33rd birthday Saturday. We had fun. Here are some pictures from Saturday. Shel's birthday gifts that she opened before we left! She got me the cutest PINK wine opener and a really cute Dallas Cowboys cap!
Me and Ashley!

Josh and Shel!

Shel and Ben!

The twins this morning sitting on the bottom step drinking their cokes from McDonald's. This is their new favorite place to sit. I took the gates off the stairs today, I figure they are old enough to go up and down as they want. They know by now what they can do and can't do and most of the time the gates are left open anyways!

Saturday, December 27, 2008

I will never.......

go shopping the day after Christmas again!! I knew it would be bad but are you serious??! All I needed was a pair of boots. We left about 1 and we didn't get home until about 8 tonight. My legs hurt and I am so tired. Thank goodness I did finally find some boots at the last store I went to and ironically it was the first store I went to as well but I didn't think I saw anything I liked and 12 stores and 7 hours later I went back just to make sure I their was nothing and I found a pair I liked. Anyways, here is a pic of the twins before we left and surprisingly both of them were very good. Hope you have a good weekend!

Thursday, December 25, 2008

It's 3 a.m. and Santa just left!!

It's been a long day but a good day! We had our little "annual Christmas Eve party" and it was fun. Everyone left and then all we had to do was wait on Santa. He left so much it took him almost 3 hours or more to drop off everything and as a added surprise to Klayton he re did his room in the Dallas Cowboys. Her are some pictures of what Santa left everyone and a few pics of the food and guests we had tonight. Merry Christmas! Klayton new Dallas Cowboys bedroom that Santa re did for him!
The rug right as you walk in his room.

pillow under his desk.

The neon Cowboy light that worked perfectly the whole time Santa was setting it up and the minute he left the light won't work, it's still cute though. And the new football he left for Klayton as well.

Dallas Cowboys Cheerleader Calender.

The neon lighted Helmet and the Dallas Cowboys lava lamp.
The game face he left that Klayton has been wanting. It will scare the twins to pieces, he won't be able to wear it very often, heck it kind of scares me.

Dirty clothes hamper so Klayton doesn't take off his clothes and throw them on the other side of his bed only for me to find them the day I did all the laundry. Good job Santa!
Dallas Cowboys trashcan and sleeping.

Now for what Santa left for Klayton downstairs. His big thing is his telescope!
All of Klayton's stocking stuff, which by the way, his big thing is actually in the bottom of his stocking. Santa put his cell phone in the bottom of his stocking and gave us a good idea to call his phone and all of the sudden Klayton will hear his stocking ringing. I can't wait, he will die, this by far will be his best gift!

You can tell Ben talked to Santa and gave him a few ideas of what Klayton might want. I didn't think I was going to get Ben away from playing with them as Santa was setting them out. GI JOE'S.... what would a little boy be with out them. That's what Ben thought anyways and Santa must have agreed!

His moon shoes and his table top pin ball machine, its Star Wars, pretty sure Santa knows Klayton pretty well.

His laptop with games and learning stuff on it.

a better pic of the moon shoes, I hope he doesn't break his neck in these.

His really cool Maverick Basketball hoop.

his car hanger.

Now on to Karson boys toys. Santa really knows my kids, he will love this tool set.

Lightening McQueen from Cars that Karson LOVES, sponge bob soccer ball, a puppy he can pull and it barks, and his wall-e book.

Now for Karlea girl. Her new baby that makes sucking sounds when you put the bottle to her lips sitting in her chair at the table. For some reason I think the new doll will be having alot of dinners with us in her chair. You can also see her little dress up cloves that Santa thought she might like, I think he's right.

Her little doll accessory set, the stroller, the bouncer, and the pack n play. I wonder how long it will be until Karlea is trying to get into that pack n play and Karson is trying to make Karlea push him in the stroller, which by the way is what broke our last baby stroller. So cute with the pink and black. Santa has great taste if I say so myself!

A close up of what Santa left Karlea inside her ten. The puppy that she pulls, Kinkerbell as Karlea will say, and on my gosh....say it ain't so, is that a DORA SOCCER BALL!! She will be so excited, I wonder how many time I will hear, "Mommy I go play in my soccer game, right mommy right mommy, I go play in my soccer game!!"

A picture of everything Santa left for Karlea girl.

A pic of everything that Santa left for Karson. Aren't the tent castles just adorable?? I think so but I think they will look even more adorable in the back yard.

What Santa brought for Ben. Actually the weed eater is from my mom but I thought it would be cool to set it out. His stocking filled with goodies and a picture of me and the kids that he will love to take to work,

Shane and my moms stockings!

My brothers attire for the evening....yes that is a old lady's sweater, yes it has shoulder pads in it, and yes he got it from good will, and yes those are MY socks. I think Germany might have done something to him, what do you think?

Josh and our little Santa, Jameson!

Klayton's daddy and wife, Billie, and Chandler stopped by for a few minutes, that's David's youngest daughter.

Shaner and Jameson, at least someone liked his outfit! Actual I think he thought it was pretty comical, you can see the smile coming on.

the spread of food we had....YUMMY!

Just another angle.

The plates and napkins that I thought were so cute!!

Wednesday, December 24, 2008


I weighed last Nov.26. I weighed this morning for my official weigh in and had lost another 16 pounds. That is 87 total pounds. I'm 13 pounds from my goal weight. Bring on all the good snacks tonight at our Christmas Eve party and very much looking forward to our MEXICAN feast we are going to cook for Christmas Dinner tomorrow night. I wish everyone a very Merry Christmas!

Tuesday, December 23, 2008

You always know Uncle Tim has been by around Christmas time when by our tree looks like this...

Thank you Uncle Tim, you spoil them even more than they already are! We love you!

Sunday, December 21, 2008

My second Heaven!!

Me and about 12 or 13 more of my family went to the Cowboy game last night. We had so MUCH FUN! We sat in my uncle Tim's suite. Great seats, great food, and great company! I want to go back!! Here are some pictures. Ben and I!
Uncle Mark, Maw-Maw, Uncle Tim

My mom and Aunt Kathy

Uncle Mark and Uncle Tim

Shel, My Uncle Mark, and Me!




Cousin Heath
Cousin Tyler

Me, Brad, and Shel
Me, Heath, Shel, and Tyler

Shel, Lana, Me

Me and Shel

My mom, Maw-Maw, Kathy

Uncle Jeff and Uncle Tim

Heath and Tyler

Maw-Maw and mom before we left!

Maw-Maw and me before we left!
Thanks Tim for everything. We always have so much fun with you! We hope to have many many more memories with you! We love you!