Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Pictures of Jameson with Nan-Nan, Favorite Aunt Kelly, and Mommy(doesn't mommy look GREAT for just having an almost 9 pound baby NATURAL?? I think so)

Mommy and Mr. Jameson - she really is HAPPY:)
Aunt Kelly (ME) and the man himself, Jameson!
He loves to eat, snuggle, and did I say eat? Sweet boy!
PRECIOUS! Can you see the family resemblance? I can.
Nan-Nan with her 6th and final (for now) grandchild:)
Look at all my other post, there are more pics below these! Mommy and baby are coming home tomorrow and they are ready! I can't wait to babysit and have him all to myself, well, other than Miss Mommy, Karlea! We love you Jameson Casady Mayfield and are happy that you are finally apart of our BIG HAPPY FAMILY!

Better pics of Mr. Jameson!

He hates to be cold but I wanted some full body pictures of the little man. All he wants is to eat when he is hungry and then if you swaddle him up real tight and hold him close he will either just look around and listen to your voice forever or fall fast asleep and just be so content. He has a little bruising on his head and forhead and a little on his face because of how fast everything went but all of that will heal and go away and he will be as perfect as ever!

Just a few more pics....

These are the last three. I wanted to take a picture of his whole body but the second I took the blanket off of him he threw a fit, I mean a good one, he obviously likes to be really warm. I will get some better shots when we get him home.

More pics of our new baby!

As you can tell by these pictures it didn't take long for Karson to come around. He loved his new cousin just as much as Miss Mommy Karlea did. Make sure you look at the posts before this one to see other pics of our precious Jameson! Going back to the hospital to see him when my husband gets home, I can't get enough of him.

More pics of my Jameson!

I took the twins to see Jameson this afternoon to see how they would react around "the baby" and see if they realized they were not "the babies" anymore. Well Karlea took to him from the start, I think she thought he was one of her babies, she immediatly went over to look at him and kept saying baby, baby, baby. Karson didn't want anything to do with him, he didn't want to hold him or for me to put Jameson any where by him. I got to feed him and Karlea took my hands off the bottle so she was the only one holding the bottle. She went sit in the chair and say I holds baby and she would hold him tight to her, it was so cute, she loved him.

Jameson Casady Mayfield is HERE!

My sister and her husband has had their third and final boy. Born on Josh's grandfathers birthday, Jameson Casady Mayfield has made his debut! Without an epidural (because Shel was already dilated to an 8) all 8 pounds and 13 ounces came into the world at 9:52, about 30 minutes after Shelly and Josh got to the hospital. I was the there but the mean old nurse wouldn't let me in the room. But I got to hold him minutes after he was born and he is precious. Although Shelly and I don't think he looks like Jackson and Jacob, he has a different look about him. He looks more like Klayton looked when he was born we think. We will have to see. Shelly is doing fine, just relieved it's over. Jameson was doing good when I left the hospital, Josh had just taken him to the nursery for the first time. After Josh got back he said he got to feed Jameson and we said how much did he eat and Josh said 5 ounces and Shelly and I said FIVE ounces already and Josh said she wanted him to eat 10 ounces and Shelly and I looked at each other and said WHAT? If he is already eating between 5 and 10 ounces they will go broke or Jameson will be the size of Klayton in about 6 months....then Josh said well maybe they didn't say ounces. I'm pretty sure they didn't say ounces...OH MY, he was a little chubby but I know the cute little thing couldn't have ate 5 ounces much less 10 ounces of formula already. It was pretty funny. Anyways here are the first pictures I took with my phone!

Monday, September 29, 2008

Weight Loss appointment!

I am happy to say that I lost another 9 pounds this month, so that is 55 pounds total and down 4 pant sizes. Today is my cheat day since I went to the doctor this morning. My sister and I always go to my favorite Mexican food place, Anamia's, right after my appointment. We share the Chimichanga plate, it is so good and I get my Mexican food fix. We also share the Guacamole Live, it's huge though, Shel ends up taking most of that back home to Josh. Anyways just wanted to share the good news, back to the exercising and eating right tomorrow! I will keep you posted on my progress.

Saturday, September 27, 2008

Three of Karson and Karlea's most favorite things to do!

Can you guess what they are?

Being outside is the first thing. Eating an ice pop is the second thing. AND having nothing on but a diaper is the third thing! If Ben and I would let them they would eat 10 ice pops in a row. The problem is... you have to hold it for them because they say it's too cold and you have to keep pushing the ice to the top for them. So really one of their most favorite things to do is a BIG BEATING for us. Well I guess I'll be honest, I always make daddy to the ice pop thing!

Klayton's First Tackle Football Game!

And they won 14-13!!

Klayton's team is the Panther's and he is the center and he played great! It was so hot out but Karlea and Karson were very good as long as they had their "juice boxes" in hand.

This was Klayton after the game. Can you tell how sweaty he is? He went home with Grammy and Grampy after the game to take a swim. They are taking him and Lexi, my sister in law's boyfriends daughter, to the Texas State Fair in the morning. Thanks Grammy and Grampy!

I was tagged!

So I was tagged by a very good friend I went to high school with and luckily still stay in touch through our blogs and email. Her name is Heidi and her blog is http://momydoesntlivehereanymore.blogspot.com/. Great mother of 2, tells good stories and has some good pics of her kiddos, check her out. Not sure who I'm going to tag seeing that Heidi is my only blogging buddy right now, but here goes anyways.

The rules of the tag are as follows:

1.Post the rules on your blog.
2.Write six random things about yourself.
3.Tag six people at the end of your post.
4. If you are tagged, JUST DO IT, and pass the tag along.

Here are my 6 random things people may not know about me:

1) I'm a twin myself and I had twins. I always have heard that twins don't have twins but I'm living proof they do. We had them natural and was more than surprised at our 2 month sono. when the doctor told us we were having twins. We later found out that it was a boy and a girl.

2)Because my name starts with a K, I wanted all of my kids names to start with K's. And actually all of their names are traditionally spelt with a C. But I think spelling them with K's make them a little more unique.

3)I love the Dallas Cowboys which isn't a secret to people who know me, but this summer I got a Dallas Cowboys star tattooed on top of my right foot.

4)I have a brother that is 14 years younger than me. His name is Shane and he goes to TCJC in Tyler.

5)All of my kids has their fathers first name for their middle name with the exception of my girl and she has my brothers first name as her middle name but we spell it Shayne instead of Shane.

6)I have lost at least 50 pounds since June.

Since I don't know anyone else right now in the blogging world, I guess I'm done. When I start knowing people I will tag them then.

Thursday, September 25, 2008

Our little outing for the week!

This is what we did today!

My sister and I had lunch with our little ones. We went to On The Border for lunch. I grave the firecrackers from there, they are Jalopeno's stuffed with chicken and cheese, they are yummy. That's what my sister and I both had. We should have shared an order because we had a whole order to take home, they are really really spicey and we love spicey food but they were so hot today we couldn't eat anymore. All three kids shared 1 kids meal, the chicken strips and fries, I'm glad we decided to have them share, they each got a chicken strip and a few fries and none of them ate their whole chicken strip so it was perfect they shared and our bill was less. It really would have been less if Shel and I would have shared. Then we decided to take the kids to the mall to play at the little park that our mall has inside it. Every mall should have these parks. The kids love them. They had a blast as usual. When we left there we went and got them a cookie and a coke. They all wanted the chocolate chips cookies with the mini m&m's on top. Well the twins just wanted the m&m's, so they made quite a miss trying to just bite off the m&m. And then it was time to head home so we could get our "big" boys from school. Klayton gets home and off the bus at about 315 and Jackson, my sister's oldest gets out of kindergarten at 300 and she picks him up from his school. By the time we were dropped off at the house Karson was asleep and Karlea was almost asleep but of course he didn't stay asleep when I got him out. But I love going to lunch at least once a week and taking the kids to do something fun, anything out of the norm is fun to them. It's nice to be able to still do stuff with my sister right now because I know once she has her third and last son, due any day now, she will be a home body. She's wierd like that, she's afraid the baby will catch some disease, (You have to know my sister and you would know that's just her) but I guess better safe than sorry. We will just have to start making our little outing for the week to her house for a while! Do you do anything once a week every week?

Wednesday, September 24, 2008

I have accomplished A LOT today even if I say so myself!

Just because I didn't get around to bathing and putting clothes on my kids today doesn't mean I did nothing today. INFACT, I got up at 455 this morning and did my 3 miles, I got Klayton ready for school and got him off, fed the twins breakfast, started laundry and finished laundry, mowed the front and back yard, got the twins down for a nap, made spagetti for dinner (which is Klaytons and Bens favorite) and had it ready by 400 and did my exercises. I wish I got this much accomplished everyday. This means I can take a shower, bathe the twins, get Klayton in bed and get in bed by 8....something that doesn't happen very often. Thanks to everyone that posted comments on my other posts and I look forward to reading alot more comments. Have a good night and I will post again tomorrow!

What I have eaten today!

This morning at 545 I had a caffiene free diet coke and a protein bar. At about 10 for an early lunch because I was hungry I had a sandwich with chicken breast, onions, tomatoes, lettuce, fresh avacodos, garlic salt, and pepper and I drank water. I had a pickle at about 1230 or so and I have just drank water all day. Not sure what I'm doing for dinner probably a salad with the rest of my chicken breast in, I will let ya know when I know.

K & K playing with K's cards and K's spelling test!

Okay so this is what the rugrats, I mean my precious angels were doing today. They love to play with KLAYTON'S cards and Klayton hates when they do, I usually let them when he is at school. I gave them to them today and I was up doing dishes and laundry and come back and they have the cards thrown all over the room so I ask them to pick the cards up and at least just put them all on the table and I would put them up form there after about 15 times of telling them that they finally start picking them up or should I say Karlea starts picking them up and putting them on the table as Karson finds his way up to the table to play with his car and as Karlea is putting the cards on the table one by one Karson is throwing them back off, I don't think she even noticed or their would have been problems she just crawled under the table and kept picking the same cars back up, I wonder if she wondered why she wasn't getting anywhere. Anyways here are a couple of pics I took and yes they only have diapers on and her hair is a mess....I wish I could say that's because it was morning and we just hadn't got around to getting dressed but they are still in only a diaper but I did put wife beaters on them so we could go outside earlier. Here is one pic of Klayton's first spelling test also, its just of the grade, just in case you can't see it it says 100, just thought I'd share!

Weight Loss and keeping a list of what I eat!

I started a major diet May 28, 2008. I knew I had to do something, after having twins in May of 2006 I had really gained ALOT of weight and was the biggest I had ever been. My blood pressure and cholesterol became issues and I just never felt good. My lower back hurt all the time and I never had energy. So I decided for myself first and then for my kids that I wanted to be healthy and be around long enough to meet my grandkids and even some great grandkids. I made a doctors appointment immediatly and almost 4 months later I know I have lost over 50 pounds, I haven't weighed all month so we will find out if I have lost anymore when I go back to the doctor on Sept. 29. I made cholesterol and blood pressure are back to normal, my back doesn't hurt anymore like it did, and I have so much more energy that I have ever had. I just feel good now. Every morning me and my hubby get up at 455 and get our 3 miles out of the way and then through the day I get my 500+ crunches, 50 leg lifts, 50 arm pulls, and 50 toe raises done. I try not to eat anything after about 5 in the evening. If I'm going to make dinner I have it ready for my husband to eat as soon as he gets home at about 430 and then all we have to do the rest of the night is get Klayton's homework, take him to football practice, get all the kids fed, and then hopefully by 9 everynight Klayton is tucked away in his bed and me, my hubby, Karson, and Karlea are tucked away in our bed. That way we all get a good night sleep and are ready to get up bright and early and start all over again. I have one day a week I cheat, I eat whatever I want and I don't do any excersizing, usually I will cheat on Saturday or Sunday, I pick whichever that day fits our schedule best that week. I also drink wine 2 times a week. I love on those 2 days getting everything done, Klayton in bed, Karson and hubby in bed, and then usually Karlea will stay downstairs with me and I catch up on all the shows that I have missed through the week on my dvr and drink some wine. All of that being said I think I am going to start keeping a daily log on here of exactly what I eat and drink all day long so maybe that will help me stay on track better and be able to see and know exactly what I eat and how much on a daily basis. Do any of you have any weight loss tips that have worked for yall?? Any good healthy recipies that kept you on track because they tasted like they weren't healthy but they really were?? Let me know, I'm always looking for new tips and new recipies.

New Hair Cut

So this is a picture of my new hair cut. My hair was almost to the middle of my back or it was to the middle of my back and it didn't look good and I couldn't get it to do anything. I'm a very hot natured person so I can't stand my hair down on my neck so I decided to cut my hair since I have it up anyways all the time. I got an A-Line cut, I should have taken a picture of the back of it, but its shorter in the back and then longer on the sides so it gives you a short cut but doesn't make you feel like you just chopped off all your hair because its still has some length on the sides. I love it and days when I don't feel like fixing it it still looks good because it's cut into a style. Let me know what you think about it.