Saturday, February 20, 2010

Hello all! I'm getting really tired of this's 30 degrees one day or alot of days and gloomy and dark and rainy or snowy and the next its sunny and bright and close to 60...I am so over this winter weather....US TEXAS PEOPLE LIKE TO SEE SNOW ONE TIME AND WE LIKE TO SEE IT AROUND CHRISTMAS TIME AND THEN WE ARE OVER IT AND READY FOR SUMMER...or that's how I feel anyways!!! Here are some pics of what we have been up to the last couple days!! Hope everyone is doing good! Miss Hadyn and I @ Shady Oaks thursday....
Jess & I @ Shady Oaks

@ Klayton's basketball game...

Hadyn and I

The twins on our walk with Jess and Hadyn on Thursday

Hadyn on our walk

girls night!!

church.....they made a live music c.d. this night and Bishop T.D. Jakes spoke, he is unbelievable, it was great!!

me and my princess!!

K-Man #5

her classic look....

grampy and Karson

Monday, February 15, 2010


I know it's been a while AGAIN since I have blogged, just seems like when I put all the pics on my FB I think I don't need to blog but know some people don't like FB and like just gettin on here to see what we have been up to and look at pics so I will do my best to at least update once or twice a week even if it's just to say what we are up to. This was superbowl sunday....Miss cutie Hadyn and myself!

I watched Shel's boys one saturday night bcuz they had a charity dinner to go to.

The Princess with her Valentine P.J.'s on and her heart head band on Valentines night!

Karson boyyyy!!

daddy being goofy!

My K Man!

opening up Valentine's presents from mommy and daddy....


Valentines Gifts for the kids!

Karlea in her Valentines outfit!

the details on her pants....LOVE IT!

one of daddy's V-day gifts from me!

one of my v-day gifts from Shel!

each of the kids stuffed animals!!

Karson and his most favorite thing in the world!!

Jess and I!

Karlea girl!!

the great Blizzard of 2010 in the DFW was most def. a blizzard to us Texas people, over 12 inches of snow....and all time record everrrrrrrrrrr!!

Mr. Harmon

Karlea's new thing...playing games on MY computer!!

Valentine's Morning!

Jess and I on Superbowl Sunday!

The hubs and I on Superbowl Sunday!

daddy and mommy!

Hadyn Lynn

My and Mr. Chubs....sweet sweet boy..sometimes!!!

Karlea loves her some baby JAMESON!!

date night for daddy and I...we had a blast!!

mommy and Karlea!

picture day