Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Ben's employee's

Ben has some of the most thoughtful employee's ever. They went on vacation to Florida and when they got back to work they had brought Ben all kinds of goodies. Here are the t-shirts they brought back the kids, they are so cute. they also brought back magnet photo frames for Klayton and a key chain, a very cute paper pad thing for Karlea that had all the Disney princesses on it, and a soccer mickey mouse bag for Klayton. The kids loved everything.

Karson always has to take a picture with his arms like this before I put the camera away...

And like this.....he saw Klayton do this one time and now every single time I get the camera out he has to do both poses...

me and the twinks before my back appointment...

I love this pic.....just because I don't get too many of Klayton anymore much less me and Klayton...I love my big boy so much:)

a cute story real quick....Tonight Karlea asked me what color my hair was and I said what color do YOU think my hair is?? She said UUHHMMM....
VANILLA.............pretty smart if you ask me!!!

Monday, June 29, 2009

last thursday night, friday, saturday, & sunday (june 25-june 28)

I always put these pictures on here in reverse order from how I want them. Instead of Thursday pics - Sunday pics, I have Sunday pics, through Thursday pics. The twins and I waiting at Carrabba's on Saturday after church!
Karson boy and mommy

the princess and mommy

I cut Ben out of this one because his eyes were closed!

Their he is...daddy and the twinkies!
Before we left for church...I love these outfits, Kay, bought them for them for their birthday...she always gets them the cutest outfits ever. If you can't tell Karlea has makeup on...she really did think she was the PRINCESS:)

This was Friday, Shel and I took all the kids to one of her neighborhood pools and this one has a spray park which all the kids loved and is perfect for Jameson, he played here for hours, just crawling around! I have a feeling we will be visiting this pool quite a bit this summer!

Klayton took this picture...

precious chubby baby boy!

then of course Jack had to take one, we had to crop his a little bit!

Jameson finally crawled over so I could get ALL of the kids for a change!

This is why we have to start getting 2 of everything, same color, same size, THE EXACT SAME!! Can you tell Karlea is not happy about being on the back??

This was 2 Saturday's ago, we were heading to church, sportin the blue jean look:)

They love their back packs that Shelly got them this past Christmas, they also match their umbrella's...they just had to take them to church!

me and the boy:)

I hope everyone has a great week. I know we will, I'm hoping it will be short seeing that daddy is off Friday for the 4th of July and he is also off on Monday so it will be a long weekend for us. I think Friday we are going to go to Southlake's 4th of July celebration, then Saturday we are having Shelly and her family over to just play in the back yard in the water and pools and sun all day and cook out really good food, then Sunday we will go to Grammy and Grampy's to chill out with family, I'm sure the twins will have fun playing with Jake, and then Monday we will probably just relax and recoop for the start of the next week:) Happy 4th everyone...I'm sure I will have plenty of pictures to post from our 4th:)

Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Anniversary Weekend at the Hilton in Southlake

WE HAD SO MUCH FUN!! This was Friday night when we had dinner at Copeland's and then we went to this little bar called, X's & O's.

Josh and Shelly

Ben and I

Ben and I

Shelly and I
The kids loved the pool!

Daddy and Karson

Klayton, Thursday before going to dinner

Tired boy Karson trying to do his hands like Klayton

sister trying to do what the boys were doing...

tired kiddos

Karson loved the the water fountains that went into the pool, he was just fine running through them...

kids playing in the fountain...

the boys jumping off the side, what they LOVED doing and did most of the time!

Karson doing what he did most of time, stand on the side looking like this

Karlea acting like a big kid, she did everything the big boys did the whole time we were there,

yes, their is an extra kid here, he was playing with the kids and wouldn't get out of the picture so I just took the picture!

My sweet Karson boy

he like the hot tub even though it was over 100 decrees in it and a 100 decrees outside as well



Karlea on her noodle

We had so much fun, I wish we could do this every weekend:) My mom came out both days as well and hung with us by the pool.