Friday, October 31, 2008


Ok, so we had a pretty good night! Here are all the kids right before the men took them trick-or-treating. Shel, myself, my mom, and Jameson stayed and passed out candy at the house. As you can see in this picture, Karlea wouldn't wear the boots (shoe cover) or hold both pom poms and Karson, wouldn't wear the helmet, the shoulder pads or the under the eye stuff!! But I think all in all they had a pretty good time! Shelly's boys were clone troopers! Klayton couldn't wear his mask if the twins could see him, not that I knew what he was anyways!
You can tell how happy they are in their costumes!
Seriously, how hard is it to smile just one time!
Dallas Cowboy player and Dallas Cowboy Cheerleader

Here is Klayton in his mummy or skeleton?? or whatever he was outfit. Since Karlea wouldn't let him wear his mask I put some tattoos on him that looked pretty cool!

Thursday, October 30, 2008

Progress with Breathing Treatments

Karson is showing you what he had for breakfast yesterday....YES, it's a sucker.....some days you just have to choose your battles wisely with this little guy and I wasn't in the mood to put on my armor yet!! Because the twins had pre pneumonia we now have to do breathing treatments 3 times a day for a while. Each treatment takes about 30 minutes so we have to give them to them when they are asleep because there is no way they are just going to be still and sit for 30 whole minutes unless your Princess Karlea! This picture was before I knew she would sit and do one.
That's Karson inside the blanket. I like to get him real wrapped up so I know the treatment is going up his nose and in his mouth because he moves alot!

Now look how sweet and good Miss Karlea is sitting and taking her breathing treatment and she sits just like that and doesn't move the whole 30 minutes until her treatment is over! By the way....this picture of her looks just like Shelly (my sister) to me ALOT!

Don't let him fool ya, he almost fooled me, he sat there JUST for the picture, I thought he was going to do good and actually sit like Karlea, I was fixing to have to record the whole process because I know no one would have believed Bam-Bam sat like a normal good little boy and took his treatment then I woke up from my dream and saw him pulling the mask off and screaming and crying saying NO NO NO, like I knew he would do! But I like looking at the pic and pretending that he sits through them like her so I can forget when I have to sit on him and hold him down and turn the t.v. up as loud as it will go so Karlea can hear the t.v. over Karson screaming! You do what you have to do:)

Tuesday, October 28, 2008


Pumpkins and Cousins

The twins with Mr.Jameson yesterday!!
These are the fabulous pumpkins that my kiddos carved at Grampy and Grammy's on Sunday with help from daddy and Grampy! Klayton actually designed all of his on his own, Grampy just cut it out for him! Ben helped designed the twins, Karson's is on the left and Karlea's is on the right, he had to just make due with Karlea's because the first face he designed Karlea said was too scarey and she wouldn't look at it and said she didn't want it so he had to redesign hers and daddy says its after Plankton on Spongebob with the one eye and all....I guess.....Karlea was happy with it so it will work! Karson and Karlea showing off their favorite treat of the day....their daily vitamins they take, they want them about 10 times a day but they can only have 2 once a day!

Princess girl in her super cute outfit yesterday before my doctors appointment and lunch with Nan-Nan!

Jack and Jake before Jack went to school for his school day pictures!!

In @ 5:30 out @ 11:15!!!!!

The twins have had a bad cough for a couple of days with a runny nose and occasional fever. Yesterday evening I started to hear both of them wheezing, not sure if it was in there chest or their nose we went ahead and called the doctor to see if they had any late appointments available. I would have rather been in the doctors office all evening with just a regular copay instead of the emergency room in the middle of the night with a 150 deductible. I called and they said they didn't have any appointments available but they could try to fit them in if the nurse approved it (meaning if the nurse thought they were serious enough to be seen, then they would fit us in). I talked to the nurse and after telling her they were wheezing she said we needed to come in. So they put us down for a 8:15 appointment last night but told us to come in immediately because they may be able to get us in early. SOOO we left the house at 5:30 got to the doctor at 6:15. The kids played with the toys for a while being good until Karson decided he hadn't caused any turmoil in a few seconds and decided that he was going to claim every toy in the play room his and ONLY HIS! Karlea is used to it so she just came and sat in my lap, there was another little boy that wasn't as easy as Karlea was to just give up and let the spoiled rotten, screaming, crying, out of control little _ _ it get his way. So needless to say it was chaos, Ben tried reasoning with Karson...yeah right! So then I said just take him outside! As soon as he took him outside they call our name to go back so I tell Klayton to run and tell Ben it was our turn to go back. Karlea and I go ahead and go and the nurse tells her to step on the scale so we can go ahead and weigh her and in a really loud whiny voice Karlea says NO! So now Karlea has kicked in her every stranger is going to hurt me not going to do anything anyone tells me to do attitude and now we have 2 kids screaming, crying, not doing one thing they nurse needs them to do! Ben and I are just looking at each other as I have sweat running down my back because they obviously thought it was 50 below outside and thought it needed to be 90 degrees inside and Klayton is laughing adding to the chaos the twins have already started. I finally just shove Karson on the scale and hold him on by his head and then throw Karlea on and FINALLY the nurse says we can go to room 4....THANK GOODNESS, just get in there and close the door so our circus is at least contained instead of all through the doctors office! The screaming and crying continues while the nurse is trying to ask what the problem is and check temps and so on and she finally says the doctor will be in soon.....she really meant to say the doctor will be in 2 hours!!! As I'm stripping clothes off because its 110 degrees in the room the nurse comes back in and gives us a ball and bubbles, i guess they knew we had our hands full! So for the next hour we sat in the 4X4 sauna and tried to entertain the twins, Nan-Nan came and got Klayton! The doctor finally came in as Karlea was dosing in and out, after he checked them he said both had wheezing and that he thought both just had bad chest colds but to make sure he wanted check their blood count and their oxygen. He said he would just do one of them since they sounded the same and the lucky one was Karlea (poor girl)! But she did really good and Karson would have probably punched the nurse if she pricked his finger so I think Karlea was a good choice, she just jumped when they drew blood but didn't ever cry and they both did good when getting their oxygen checked. However their oxygen wasn't where he wanted it, they want it at least at 97 but would rather see it at 98 and above, Karson's was barely 97 and Karleas was BARELY 94 in fact hers was more like 91 for most of the time. So the nurse left and the doc came back in and said it was a little more serious than he first thought and that to be safe he was going to treat both aggressively! Karlea's blood count came back at 14-15,000 and it's supposed to be between 4 and 12,000 which means their was definitely a bacteria infection and he said probable early pneumonia. Which meant both were now having to get a BIG antibiotic shot, which is so big they have to make it into 2 shots for each of them! By now they both are feeling terrible, Karlea is running fever and is sound asleep and Karson just wants to go! The nurses come back in and start with Karson, one shot in the left leg and one shot in the right leg, Karson screamed so loud, I felt so sorry for him. Then Karlea was awoke by 1 shot in the left leg and one shot in the right leg, she scream as well but not what I expected! We now had to wait another 20 minutes before we could leave to make sure they didn't have a reaction the shots but at least we got to get out of the 4X4 sauna and go back into the bug waiting area! I gave them both Motrin as we were waiting for the 20 minutes to pass. Ben was holding Karson and I was holding Karlea, they were worn out from all the screaming, crying, shots, blood drawn, and the sauna we sat in for 2 hours they just wanted to go home. After the nurse giving me our discharge papers and ALL of our prescriptions (breathing treatments, another antibiotic, some other pill that each had to take 1 for 4 days, and Zyrtec we were finally able to leave only to have to find a 24 hour pharmacy! So we stopped at Tom Thumb, I ran in and dropped off the prescriptions and got everyone something to eat and Ben and I some chips to share ( it was my cheating day)! Went back to the car and gave everyone their drinks and told Ben it was going to be at least 30 minutes on the meds. The twins saw the chips and wanted some, they love cool ranch Doritos so I told Ben I would rather them eat them that us so the ate the rest of the bag and wanted more. I went back in to get each another bag and got the meds where I was informed that it all would be $141.00..OMG...WHAT!! The breathing treatment meds were $50 a box and each had to have one and the only reason I didn't have to fill the other breathing treatment med was because I had some at home but I think before we are done I will have to go refill both breathing treatment meds another time which will be another $200. The pharmacy lady said I wanted to make sure you wanted it before I filled it....uhmmm, well let me think....I either fill it or just let my poor sick pneumonia bound babies suffer and get worse until we end up in the hospital where our tab will be alot more than $141 SO WHAT DO YOU THINK?? I mean I think that's the dumbest thing I have ever heard! Getting a little cranky because I am tired I know I ate way too much ( again cheating day) and we left the house at 5:30 and it was now pushing 11! Got the meds and got back to the car, we still had to detour to Shel's because that's where the machine was that I have to use for the breathing treatments! Karson falls to sleep, Karlea is whining she wants her hands washed and her finger where they drew blood huwt! She finally falls asleep, we get the machine, we get on 35W to head home and are probably about 5 minutes from home where all of the sudden you see nothing but cop lights everywhere and flares everywhere........ARE YOU SERIOUS!! There had been some wreck and the highway was shit down to only letting the traffic get through on the single median...UNBELIEVABLE!! We finally make it home where both babies need some of the meds and both need breathing treatments! Thank goodness our kids take medicine like it's candy, however Karlea had so much yucky stuff in her throat and was coughing so bad that second after I gave her 2 of the meds she through everything up! I told Ben I think our best bet is to just go upstairs and get in bed. I knew they would fall back to sleep fast and then the breathing treatments would be easy...they were but each breathing treatment took 30 minutes for each baby! We finally got done, turned off the light at almost 1 and the twins slept really good but morning came way to fast for Ben and myself. At least my mom got Klayton up and ready so all I had to do was make sure he had breakfast and caught the bus on time and he did! I ran back upstairs to get another breathing treatment in while the babies were asleep and we are now awake with all meds for today taken except for the Zyrtec that they get at night and 2 more breathing treatments a piece! They seem to be feeling okay. They still have nasty sounding coughs though! Hopefully they will be 90% better by Friday for Halloween! I think so with all the medicines they are on! Anyways, sorry for the long post but that's what we did last night! All in all in was worth it because I'm sure we would have been in the hospital with full blown pneumonia by the end of today had we not gone and that would have been ALOT worse than what we went through last night! Hope everyone stays healthy as I try to get our little munchkins back to good health! Have a good day:)

Monday, October 27, 2008

Weight Loss appointment!

I went this morning to weigh in and I lost another 5 pounds so that brings the grand total to 60 pounds exactly in 5 months to the day. I'm starting to lose less at a time, I was losing between 9-15 pounds every month but I will take 5 and I know some day soon I will plateau. But as long as I never gain at an appointment that's ok with me, I have the rest of my life to keep losing weight. He said on top of 3 miles a day, 500 crunches, 50 leg lifts, and 50 arm pulls that I should put in some weights in the mix just so my body is doing something different. He said only about 3 days a week for about 30 minutes is all I need to do. Ben has a weight bench and all his weights but it's still at my sisters house. Shel and I used to do the weights alot, we need to get them to our house so 3 days a week before I do my 3 miles I will do about 30 minutes of weight training as well. I figure the next 3 months will be the hardest with Halloween, Christmas Eve, Christmas, my birthday, New Years eve, New Years day, and the Cowboys being in the SUPER BOWL;) so I have to make sure I stick with what I know I need to do and only cheat my 1 day a week. I think Halloween will be easy, not a big candy person like MY MOM is, Christmas Eve and Christmas will be hard because we always have a little party Christmas Eve with ALOT of yummy foods that I know I will want and then of course Christmas Day my mom always makes a GREAT home cooked meal but I think I will choose to cheat Christmas Eve and then I can cheat Thanksgiving Day and have the GREAT home cooked meal then. Then I think I will choose to cheat New Years Day rather than New Years Eve because I'm sure I will want to drink New Years Eve and I hardly eat on the days I know I am going to drink. And then the rest should be like it is now, Super bowl and my birthday I could cheat or cheat the day after since I'm sure I will be having a glass of wine or 2 on those know to celebrate a GREAT, PERFECT, BEEN LOOKED FORWARD TO FOR A LONG TIME day! Just thought I would update you on my progress. I have some more pics I need to download, when I get time I will post some on my blog. Until then have a great day:)

Friday, Saturday, and Sunday

We had a full fun weekend...and the Cowboys won, as well as Tech and Texas:) What a game it will be Saturday...GO RED RAIDER'S!!!! Karlea and Karson at the park on Friday. We had lunch with daddy then we went to Ross ( I love that store) and bought the twins some boots for when it gets cold and then we headed to the park for the rest of the afternoon!
The twins looking on as Klayton's football team got drummed against a team they SHOULD have beat! You can see daddy in the top right waving at the babies! After the game we had lunch at Snuffer's in Southlake town square, went to Cental Market to find soda with NO ASPARTANE in it but it was GROSS, then we headed to Jackson's soccer game at 6 and went back to Shel and Josh's cook out and watch Penn St. and Ohio St. play then headed home!

Karson and Karlea going through their Halloween baskets from Grammy and Grampy!! They have the best Grammy and Grampy in the world...thanks!!

Klayton and Lex going through their Halloween baskets as well.....I think we have a few spoiled kiddos...what do you think??

Lex and Klayton showing there gummy tongues and vampire teeth:)

Thursday, October 23, 2008

Jameson's visit and UT Jerseys!

Make sure you scroll all the way through by blog because I posted about 6 new posts at once tonight! Of course Miss Mommy hogs Jameson every time we get to see him!
Again Karlea holding and Karson near by but not about to hold him!

She's in heaven holding her baby cousin (I think she thinks he is just her real live baby doll!
Here is Jake's "best buddy" as Jake would say and Jake!Jackie wanted me to get a pic of Jake and Klayton in their UT Jersey's...I'm glad I did, it's a great picture!

Spider Man outfit!

Jake in his spider man outfit! Karson couldn't wait to put the mask on!
Karlea was scared of the whole get up when Jake had it on and wouldn't move from Shelly's side but she just had to put the mask on and loved it!


It was Jake's (cousin) birthday...well it's actually not until Nov. 1 but he is going back to New York where he lives tomorrow so we had him a little early birthday party today! I know the cake isn't professional but I made it and it was good or at least that's what everyone said. Jake, I hope you had fun while you stayed with us the last 2 weeks, I know the twins did, we will miss you! Here is the birthday boy and his gifts and cake!
Opening his presents. He LOVED the spider man outfit!

Klayton and Grandparents day!

Today was grandparents day at Klayton school. This morning I woke him up to get in the bath and usually it takes me like 5-10 minutes to get him to even know I'm trying to wake him up and another 5-10 minutes to actually get him out of bed BUT not this morning. He jumped straight up and went into the bathroom, I turned the light on and turned around and he was dancing, I said what is your problem and he said today is grandparents day...I love grandparents day. So he took his bath and got dressed and then we were headed downstairs and he says can I have a picture frame in my room and I said you have a lot of picture frames in your room and he said no one that has a picture of me in this outfit that I'm wearing today and I said why and he said because I always want to remember grandparents day....I know he loves his grandparents and loves when one of them get to come to his school but dancing before sun up in his underwear in the dark and wanting a picture of himself in what he had on today because he wanted to "remember" grandparents day......I'm thinking there was something behind all of this...NOT that he doesn't love everything about his grandparents but I started to think it had something to do with Grampy taking him to McDonald's for breakfast and I think anyone who knows Klayton might agree, the boy loves to eat and loves McDonald's sausage, egg, and cheese, biscuits!! Anyways, Grampy called me when he got back to work and sounded as excited about going to school with Klayton as Klayton was this morning. He said it was great and told me how smart Klayton was in school and how they got to go to the book fair and Klayton was able to buy some books. So Grampy said he would buy him some, Klayton picked a book out for him, then one out for Jackson (his cousin) and then Grampy said he picked out 2 more but they were for 2 people for Christmas. First of all, I think Klayton is pretty sweet, as stubborn and hard headed as he can be, I must admit he has a pretty big heart. He is always thinking of other people, even though he picked out Jack a book that is for pre-school-kindergarten and it has sentences in it like...The egg rolls. The egg rolls down the hill. And even though Jack is in kindergarten the teacher informed my sister and her husband that he reads at a level of what a first grader reads at the end of the year. I figure its the thought that count and Klayton did say after Jackson reads it he can give it to Jacob so maybe that was Klayton's thought to begin with which makes Klayton even smarter! But he also went on to tell me he couldn't tell me who the books were for that Grampy was going to wrap but he did say that he finally found the book for Ben and my book really wasn't a book but I would love it:) I said I thought you weren't going to tell who those books were for and he said I didn't tell you EXACTLY what it was! Klayton can NEVER keep a secret but I think my son is one thoughtful, very smart, handsome boy! Here is the picture that I must print out and frame for his room, tell me what you think!

Tuesday, October 21, 2008

MY brother!!!!! A college cheerleader????

No....he's not a cheerleader, but he is part of the TJC squad! I forget what they call them, but he is one of three guys that after they score a touchdown they run down the field holding the big flags. And they help with stunts and jumps and other stuff like that! He is right in the middle of this picture in the white shirt, the one who needs a hair cut!! Me, my mom, and Karlea are going down there Nov.1 for parents weekend and we will get to see him in action! Tyler Junior College

Monday, October 20, 2008


The BSC poll finally came out and TEXAS IS #1! They beat ou which was GREAT and what timing...when ou was #1...greatness! The only other team I would rather see at #1 would be Texas Tech. They are doing really well, too, they are #8! I hope both teams will still be undefeated when they play each other. When Tech and Texas play each other it's always a GREAT game, I think if both were undefeated it would make for an even greater game! Thanks Aunt Jackie for Klayton's Texas jersey, he loved it and it looked so good on him! We love you!

Saturday, October 18, 2008



Klayton...tackle football!

Coach and son! Ok...Ok.;.I hear ya!!
I love Klayton's face on this one!

Daddy and son!

This was Klayton's BEST game! We won 20-6!

We loved our Halloween Shirts!

Thank you Aunt Terry and Aunt Ann, we loved our Halloween shirts! And even though Karlea was being a little --it, I guess the pictures still turned out ok!

Thursday, October 16, 2008


This is my mother and her birthday is tomorrow (October 17)! I just wanted to say HAPPY BIRTHDAY and thanks for everything you have done for us and do for us now! You have always done what you have had to do to take care of us and being a mom now I can truly say I appreciate everything! I think I am a GREAT mother and I KNOW I have learned everything I know from you! Thank you and I hope you have a great birthday! I LOVE this picture of her (above)! Look how pretty she looks. I love it even more because I don't have too many pictures of her when she was little! From that to this (below), I think she is a BEAUTIFUL person (inside and out), from the time she was younger to now! Again, I hope you have a great birthday, you deserve nothing less!
I hope your here another 54 years because I can't see my life without you in it! I LOVE YOU!

Lucky Charms collander and twins wearing twins shirts!

First of all yes, I'm posting once more tonight! I had to after I found mine and Shelly's shirts we used to wear when we were the twins age! BUT first I really think someone needs to invent a Lucky Charms collander, one that lets the cereal go through the holes and down the garbage disposal and collects the marshmellows because, seeing that ALL they want to eat IS the marshmellows....I'M TIRED OF HAVING TO PICK THEM OUT MYSELF EVERYTIME the twins say "I aunt some ucky chawms!" Someone should either make the makers of Lucky Charms make a cereal called Lucky Marshmellows or make the collander. And the twins should just cut to the chase and say "I aunt some ucky chawms mawshmewwows" instead of saying " aunt some ucky chawms!" LOOK what Karson and Karlea have on!! Mine and Shelly's shirts that we used to wear when we were their age. How cute are they on them?? And look how clean and nice their hair's crazy what a bath can do for 2 year olds.
The twins showing the sleeves of the shirts that say "Shelly" and "Kelly". The only question I have for my mom is why didn't you get pink sleeved shirts instead of blue, I so would have gone for the pink sleeves seeing that we were girls!!!!!
Anyways, I thought they were too cute not to share. Promise no more posts tonight. I won't tomorrow seeing that it's my moms birthday:) Oh wait, I have to do one more.....