Saturday, January 31, 2009

Pretty Princess, sick boy, and a rats nest!

I wanted a picture of the twins so bad but Karson doesn't feel good and I knew was not going to cooperate and I was right. He has a bad cold and now we think he may have an ear infection. We are going to take him to the doctor on Monday! Daddy, sick boy, and the princess!
Pretty Princess Karlea!!

the beginning of sick boy....

Right when you see the next picture you are going to think you are looking at a rats nest. BUT it really isn't a rats nest at all it's only a picture of the back of Pretty Princess's hair! Yes, that is her hair and what it looks like every morning when she wakes up! Poor baby, I'm hoping she is going to be like my cousin, Gidget. She had NO hair at all until she was like 2 or 3 and then she got the thickest, prettiest, longest hair you have ever seen! Not sure Karlea is going to get all the way there but I would be satisfied to just get to manageable.

Klayton won his basketball game again today by the way. They are 3-1 so far!!

Friday, January 30, 2009

OMG......Hadyn IS so little and so cute!!

She is even smaller than you think when you think of a baby being less than 5 pounds! She is so LITTLE and SO precious! I had such a good time last night finally getting to hang out with Jess and Shane again. And Ben even came over and hung out for a little while because my mom is so great and had our kids!! She looks even smaller in Ben's hands!
She ate like a "big girl"!

Look how little she is in her BIG bouncer! She really is a good baby. Her tummy hurt a little and the cutest little big cry came out of was so cute!!

Daddy feeding her!

LOOK how little she is....I just couldn't believe how small she was!

Jess and Shane,
Thanks for letting us come over and see your precious LITTLE bundle of joy! I had such a good time! We can't wait to come over for the Super Bowl!

Thursday, January 29, 2009

When both twins are asleep, you NEVER wake them And Klayton with the camera!

This is from yesterday, both babies fell sleep right before we got back to the house from walking and BOTH being asleep at the same time happens less frequently everyday so when it does happen you do WHATEVER it takes NOT to wake them! So my bright idea was to push them through the back gate to the back door because I just knew my double jogging stroller would fit through that door.......well, not exactly! I tried every way to fit than dang stroller through that door and it just wasn't going! They already had 3 layers on and a blanket so I decided to throw another BIG blanket on them and just leave them be! Ben got home a few minutes later and I told him the whole story, I left to run errands, he said they slept there for at least another hour or longer!! Here are a couple pics of them!
AND these next two pictures are of me because I finally let Klayton take a few pictures with my digital camera. He begs me on a daily basis to let him take pictures with it and I always tell him NO, today decided to let him and both twins were asleep so he said he would just take the pictures of me and maybe if they are good we can frame them for Ben.....I don't think we are framing any pictures!! The first one he took he said do something funny and I just stood there and he took it and this is that pic!

He took several more that cut my head off or he just missed me all together and I said ok last one and he said then do something funny so I just did this so he would hurry and take the pic! I think he did a pretty good job on these two, he said could we at least print one out so he could put it in his room. AWWW, my BIG boy loves me, he CAN be sweet sometimes!!

I'm going to hang out with Jess tonight for a couple of hours for the first time since they have brought Hadyn home. I can't wait to hold the little princess, and little is an understatement, she is still less than 5 pounds! I will take some pics and post when I get home! I can't wait!!!

Karlea and her words!!

Every single word that starts with a "F" Karlea pronounces it like it starts with a "S". For example:
fruity pebbles is sruity pebbles
frog is srog
football is sootball
find is sind
and so on and so on. I guess this is something she will grow out of?? It reminds me when Shelly was in elementary school and she had to go to speech class because she couldn't pronounce her "R's" very good and I think she stuttered too. Anyways she came home one day and she was so excited and she says listen listen, I learned how to say wocket wight (rocket) and then she said WWWWWWocket!! Which is the reason I'm sure she also had a stuttering problem as well. But she turned out ok with her speech so it tells me Karlea will be just fine!!

Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Another ice day!

I know it may not look bad but this is solid ice. It may not be too much but here in Fort Worth where NO BODY is used to driving on ice I sure don't want my son on the bus on it! So I'm perfectly happy that Klayton gets to stay home again and I know he will be too!

This is what Klayton looked like most of the day! Yes, Terry and Maw-Maw, I had it very warm in the house, that's why he doesn't have any socks on and shorts on.

And this would be Klayton's 3rd straight report card that he has made straight A's on along with a honor roll certificate and the magnificent mustang award for P.E. that he received at a ceremony last Friday morning. I am very proud of him!

Tuesday, January 27, 2009


And I'm sure Klayton and Jack are more than excited about it. Right now nothing is that bad, just really cold, but today's high started at 32 and its dropping from there, I think they are expecting some ice to fall this afternoon into tonight, not too much, but any amount when it's this cold is a mess here and school buses DO NOT need to be on the road! I will take a picture of Klayton and his day off from school when he wakes up, too bad Shel and I live 20 minutes away or Klayton and Jack could really take advantage of being out of school! What I really want to do is make a BIG pot of hot, homemade chili, curl up on the couch, and watch some good movies. BUT, I'm sure that is not going to happen seeing that Chili is not calorie friendly and who can really curl up on the couch and watch movies with 2 year old twins and an 8 year old out of school?? I guess I will make do with a cold, salad, and water.....blah....and spending time with all of my kiddos on the cold icy day! I hope everyone else has a great day because I'm going to make the best of ours!

Saturday, January 24, 2009

Klayton's basketball game! 1/24/09

Klayton had a basketball game this morning! He and his team just keep getting better and better every game! Klayton scored 2 or 4 points today but he played really good defense! They beat a team that was undefeated. They are now 2-1. Here are some pics from his game! He is #5!

waiting to throw the ball in...

Fun with the kiddos!!

Thursday, Shel and her boys came over since it was SOO nice out and we took the kids to the park and then they decided to spend the night that night. So here are some pictures from Thursday night! Close up of me and baby Jameson!
Jacob and me!

The twinkies earlier in the day!

Close up....I just love Karlea's pig tails!!

Wednesday, January 21, 2009

To Ben, no, I am NOT jealous. I do know both Kelly and Shelly were very mean to people in high school, and why? Because of not being with the "in" group but then look at you both now, overweight, not-so-perfect looking anymore, huh? So thanks for you're 2 cents on this, Ben, you weren't even around the time we were all in high school.

This is the third and last comment that anonymous will be leaving on my blog! First of all, you're not jealous?? What else would you call it? You didn't know Shelly and I very well if you thought we were VERY mean in high school. Yes, we were very competitive, but not mean. In fact we would go out of our way NOT to be mean unless you were mean first then you deserved it! Shelly and I never labeled ourselves in the "in" group or not, that's obviously how YOU saw us. And if we were in the "in" group as you call it, we would have never gone out of our way to be mean to someone we were NOT friends with, we just didn't do that! If it has to do with sports and you were in sports with us, the only thing I can think of is you feel this way because you weren't as good as we were but there were very FEW who were as good as us. You say in this comment that you thought we were perfect looking back then, thanks for the compliment, but I can promise you Shelly and I NEVER thought we were perfect looking at any point in high school. Whose being mean now?? And we are adults! You think we are overweight and not so perfect looking anymore??? I don't believe myself or my sister at this point in our lives to be anywhere near overweight, maybe not high school thin, but who really is? Especially when you do what most people do in LIFE and you get married and have children, we have both had 3 kids thank you very much including twins, I will be what you call overweight any day and have the life I have now! We are THE happiest we have ever been, including when I was in high school, we have great husbands and we both have 3 healthy beautiful children, not sure what else you can ask for! Not that it's any of your business but Shelly and I are both in the process of losing weight, not because we had low self-esteem or we thought we were fat, but because that's what we decided would be better for us and for your information I have lost 90 pounds and look and feel better than I ever have INCLUDING when I was in high school ALL because I know I have some of the best family and friends anyone can have! Obviously this is about YOU, not us! IF you are dwelling about something that happened in high school, whether it be true or not, YOU have issues that you really should talk to someone about. And if Shelly and I had this much impact on your life you should have told us then NOT 14 years later! And last, you keep saying all of this bad stuff we were but yet you still make it to my blog daily to see what MY life is about. Makes me think YOU are the one jealous, maybe of me, maybe of Shelly, maybe of our husbands, maybe of our kids BUT as an adult you should be able to handle this better than you are. I would think one that thinks the way you do of me would NEVER want to see me or have anything to do with me much less take the time out of your day to go to my blog to see what I do from day to day. Almost bordering on mental problems. I hope for you, you can one day be happy with who you are and how your life turned out because it's obvious you have alot of issues right now and should probably deal with those before they get worse! I am changing my setting where you can't leave comments anymore under anonymous. If you feel so strongly about commenting on MY personal blog, then leave your name, maybe tell a few things about your husband, your kids, what you look like, how your life is.......OR maybe you don't have any of that which is the reason your harassing me and my wonderful, beautiful life!

Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Klayton David Harmon!

My first born had his 8 year well check up today!! Here is his "stats" so to speak.

WEIGHT: 73.2 lbs.
HEIGHT: 53 1/4 inch

I have a VERY healthy big, tall, strong boy!! She said that is very stout and thick. She said she expects him to reach anywhere from 6 ft. 1 in. - 6 ft. 3 in. He obviously got his height from his mommy(or maybe my dad or better yet my paw-paw, I like to think that one)He got his name and his stature from my PAW-PAW and that's my story and I'm sticking to it:)! He has always been in the very high percentile since he was born. She said the way he eats is normal for his age because he is a growing boy, I guess he doesn't have a tape worm like I was SURE he had! Just thought that some of you might like to know how great Klaty boy is doing!

Monday, January 19, 2009

I understand why "they" say Yoga is so effective!

OMG!! I got 4 new 20 minute yoga dvd's and they are killing me. I do 2 of them every other day and the other 2 the next day doing those every other day as well. I'm so sore but I totally understand why Yoga can be so effective. I really like them but they kick my booty but I feel so much better afterwards!! Have a good week!!

Funny how even when we are in our thirties there are still poeple out there that act like they are still in highschool!

I knew BOTH of you in high school and look at you guys now, wow, what a difference, I guess KARMA is a bitch, huh?

This is the second comment that "anonymous" has left on my blog. The first one said "You too look so Fake", they were referring to a picture of my sister and I that I had posted.

Seriously, I thought people grew up at some point, but obviously this person has not. And even more has to leave these nasty comments as "anonymous". We are all adults now, if you have a problem with me and my sister tell us like adults and don't be a coward and say these things and not tell us who you are.

Obviously we were more popular, prettier, had better friends, were more athletic, had better boyfriends, and just had a better life than you in high school and still do! I'm sorry your life sucks, you have to be fat, you must not have any kids or a husband or anything in your life worth while that you have the time to come to MY blog and leave comments especially when you don't even like me!!

Maybe you should get GOD in your life, he can fix all of that for you!

If this is someone from high school that wished they had our boyfriends, or maybe your boyfriend was more interested in us than you......I'm sure that did suck but we can't help how other saw us and wanted to get to know us more than there own girlfriend and obviously OUR boyfriends were our boyfriends because they liked US NOT you!! Get over it, it's been over 14 years, you seriously may need some counseling if you can't get over something that happened in high school!

I feel sorry for you so I will pray for you today. Pray that at some point in your life you will learn to love your own life and not wish you had my life! It's never too late to get JESUS in your life. I'm being serious, he will do wonders for you! In the mean time, I hope you can learn to come to terms that this is just how life is and YOU are the only one that can make something out of your life. If I could help you, I would, I think everyone deserves to be happy, even ones like you that want to leave nasty comments on my blog page that is for my family and close friends to keep up with me and my wonderful, beautiful family!! I'm sorry you feel the way you do but I have to get back to my happy, beautiful, great family right now, I have wasted enough time on trash like you!

Sunday, January 18, 2009

Responding to last comment!!

First of all, THIS IS MY BLOG, and you DON'T have to read it or look at the pictures I post! Second, I think you are a coward because you have to leave your comment anonymously! And third, you are probably just JEALOUS that you are not as pretty as we are and have such great families! Please don't leave me any comments unless you leave your name. You know my name and I think YOU are the one FAKE and are a COWARD!! I don't like negative people so STAY OFF MY BLOG!!

Saturday, January 17, 2009

Saturday, basketball game, and church!!

I have put this picture on here before but Shel added the text to it! Karson and I before we left for church! Yes, I know I look very casual but that the joy of going to the church we go to, we can go looking like this and on Saturday evening! We love it!
Karlea girl before we left for church!

I tried for the first time to french braid her hair and I think it turned out pretty cute! Here is a picture of it!!

This is a picture of my Uncle Mark, Karlea, Jacob, and Klayton right before we left for church. Jacob came home with us from Klayton's basketball game this morning to play for the day! Klayton's team won the basketball game, he played so good, he plays defense really good!

Friday, January 16, 2009

A conversation between Nan-Nan and Karlea

Last week I was on the computer upstairs paying bills and I over hear Nan-Nan, that is downstairs, telling Karlea, that is on the stairs, to get off. And this is about how the conversation went:
Nan-Nan- Karlea, the stairs are not toys, you don't play on them
Karlea- yes my can
Nan-Nan- NO you can't, get off the stairs NOW!
Karlea- YES MY CAN!
Nan-Nan-no you can't Karlea, get off the stairs right now, you are going to break your neck
Karlea- no my not, your going to break YOUR neck!!

I about fell out of my chair. The things that come out of her mouth sometimes crack me up! As long as I'm telling what people said, Shelly just told me that last week she was bathing her boys and all the sudden Jacob tells her that Jackson's booty looks like boobs!! LOL..LOL...LOL...LOL...I'm still laughing at that. I guess I can see where he would see the resemblance considering I'm pretty sure I know the only boobs he has ever seen!! LOL, I can't quit laughing!

Thursday, January 15, 2009

The twins uncontrollable fun!!

I had to post again because after I took the last pictures the twins were playing so good together and having so much fun and laughing so hard I had to take more and here they are!

This is Klayton after he got home from basketball practice!! Strong boy...missed school yesterday, went to the doctor with an ear infection, started antibiotics, went to school today, and went to practice tonight!!

Just the twins tonight having fun at home with mommy!

Yes, I know they shouldn't be on the table but they like it, they are happy, I don't have to yell and we are ALL happy. Besides they don't have that far to fall! Karson's closeup!

Karlea's closeup!

The Mayfield Boys!

Here are a few recent pictures of my handsome nephews. Josh, where is your stache?
Jacob being a very helpful big brother!!

He had just woke up.

He turned his head toward the cushion right after Shelly took a picture of him! I think he's trying to tell ya something, Shel.

How he looked right before she took the picture.....very peacefully sleeping in a deep sleep!!! I can't believe you don't know by now that you NEVER wake a sleeping baby for any reason!! Or did we just have that philosophy with the twins??

I have to tell you a funny story about Jackson that I just realized I never blogged about. At the end of Shel working, Jack would always ask her why she can't stay at home like I do and Shelly would say because we have to wait until daddy and I save up enough money that I can quit work and stay home. They would have this conversation almost daily! The other day Jack was eating breakfast and he nonchalantly asks Shelly, "How much money do I need to save up to be able to quit school and stay at home?" The boy is pretty smart and kids REMEMBER EVERYTHING!!

He's in trouble now that he has let Shelly know he can feed Jameson!!

Big Boy Jameson sitting in his bumbo chair. Shelly you better not leave him up there like that and walk off, I have heard of stories where babies hurt them self/brain damage from parents doing this very thing and then they scoot themselves off and land on their head on the floor!