Thursday, April 30, 2009


Jim Toliver.....A GREAT husband, father, brother, friend, and to me a GREAT uncle.....I know you are in a better place BUT you will be missed by so many...I LOVE YOU Uncle Jim!

Nelda & Lacy,
I know you have heard this a million times but he IS in a BETTER place and 100% healed. If y'all need anything at all, even to just talk, please call me! Just think, y'all have your own personal guardian angel now:)

*the picture is from last weekend when my brother and mom went to see my Uncle Jim. I'm so glad they did!!

**the palm tree that I have shown on here a couple of times, the one we planted in our front yard is from my Uncle Jim and Aunt Nelda, it means so much to have it, every time I go water it or take a picture of the twins beside it to show how tall they have grown and how tall it has grown I will think of my Uncle Jim and smile!!

Monday, April 27, 2009


I just thought I would do a post on my brother since I know I hardly ever talk about him but that's just because he is not here, he is at school in Tyler. But anyone who knows me knows that he is VERY important to me and I will always try and take care of him and be there for him at any cost! He is a very handsome GOOD kid. He is at Tyler Jr. College. He is in his second semester right now. His first semester there he met a girl he became really good friends with that just happen to be a cheerleader. He started helping out in there practices and before long became one of the flag know the guys at college football games that after there team scores runs all over the fields holding the schools flags. And he continued to help out with the cheerleaders. Well it wasn't long before he could do alot of the stuff the cheerleaders did. So when tryouts came along he decided he would tryout....he made alternate, which I think is pretty impressive seeing that he has NEVER done anything remotely close to being a cheerleader. He has always been very athletic and played every sport which maybe that helped. So being alternate he got to go to Nationals with the team which was in Daytona Florida. He then tried again for the team next year and guess what.....HE MADE THE TEAM!! I am very proud of him and no matter what happens I hope he always knows that.

Your dad was always so proud of you when you were little, I can only imagine how proud he would be of you NOW! I know he has a constant BIG smile on his face looking down at you and protecting you daily! Please just always make smart and safe choices. And always know I will be here for you no matter what. I LOVE YOU LITTLE BROTHER:)

A few more pics from Saturday and 1 more "Karlea" story that could only be from her.

I love these first 2 pics of Shel and all the kids and of me and all the kids, I just wish Jameson would have been in them.

Ben and I...look how skinny he looks:)

Karlea, I love this pic of her...her hair looks like it's getting long in this pic. I guess it is...

Ok, now on to the "Karlea story". We were in the car Friday night and the kids were talking among themselves in the back seat and Ben and I were talking among ourselves in the front seat. All of the sudden I hear Karson say Karlea said a bad word, he said it like 5 times before I said, Karson NO she didn't be quite. And all of the sudden we hear Karlea say...YES I did, I said JACK ASS!!!!!!! Ben and I looked at each other in disbelief and trying not to laugh...I said Karlea you better NOT say that again, that is a bad word and that is ugly to say especially for a little girl to be saying.
She never seems to amaze me, she takes up for her brother that every chance he gets is body slamming her or punching her and now I give her the benefit of the doubt but instead of letting bubba get in trouble for saying she said a bad word when she didn't she confesses and even repeats exactly what she said!!
I'm beginning to think my mom was right.......she is going to be payback to me.......What a future we good thing out of this is at least she told the truth:)

Sunday, April 26, 2009

Mav's 4th playoff game!

We all went to Life's a Beach (it's a great kid friendly restaurant) for the 4th playoff game of the Mav's. We had so much fun and the Mav's WON! Life's a Beach is a restaurant that has a HUGE patio that wraps around an even bigger sand box. If you couldn't see the baseball fields in the back of some of these pics you might think we were really on a beach somewhere...OH HOW I WISH I WAS ON A BEACH SOMEWHERE:) Shel and I
This was Karlea on the way home, I think she was so tired she was dazed from our 4 hour restaurant visit.

On our way home....tired too!

Shel and I

Close up of Karlea girl

The twins!

What baby Jameson did while the other kids went crazy all day in the sand!

Princess Karlea in the sand

Klayton and Jack in the sand

Karson in the sand

Jacob in the sand

Daddy and Karson at our table

All the kids minus chubby bubby in the sand

Friday, April 24, 2009

the Klubhouse....

I absolutely LOVE the new sign...thanks April, it turned out so cute. You should really go visit her at she has some really cute signs and she will custom make you one too with whatever you want it to say!! Here is a close up of the sign, you can click on any one of my pictures I post on my blog and it will make them bigger for you!
I hope everyone has a great weekend. I'm sure we will, as long as the Mavs play like they did last night tomorrow, my weekend will be just fine:)

Thursday, April 23, 2009

2 more projects....

These were little projects, but the first one was to hang some lights outside just on the little eve that covers the slide and glass door. It's ok, not sure I like them but the twins LOVED them so I guess I will leave them. And then just a new flower arrangement, Karlea loves her sutterfly (butterfly). Her and Karson fought over whose it was for 30 minutes:)
I hope everyone is having a nice day, we sure are, but how CAN'T you when the weather is sunny and hot??

Finished a couple of projects...

I finished the sandbox and the sandbox cover I made and I am very pleased with how it turned out. A friend of my mom's cut out the ply wood in the dimensions I needed and I did the rest. It's BRIGHT neon orange with LIME green knobs and summer accents along the ends.

Aren't all the little accents on the ends so cute?

Here are my chairs, which I don't like! They were turquoise but needed re painted really bad. So I thought I would tie those in with the same colors from the sandbox cover. I think I should have painted them with a paint brush NOT spray paint. They will have to do for now. I like the orange one better, the green one looks ridiculous. And then I just rubbed on a few accents to the back of the chair as you can see.

Here is the sand in the sand box....I need about 6 more bags of it.

I'm pretty proud of how it turned out and I KNOW the kids will love it. I may be regretting it when I have sand all in my house BUT it can be vacuumed up and the kids will enjoy the sandbox for hours!!

I got a few more signs yesterday, I thought they looked good after I finally figured out where to put them!

Tuesday, April 21, 2009


The twinks today!!
Me @ main street arts festival!!

My new flip flop bird feeder ( i wont put bird seed in it)

New members to our out door family...

New projects I'm working on that's NOT going very well!~!