Wednesday, May 27, 2009


The twins yesterday in new outfits they got for their birthday!

momma hen...
At Brooke and Brandon's wedding they had a photo booth set up, it was the coolest idea ever. You went in and it took 4 different pics and then it printed out the pics double, they kept one and you got the other. The one they kept they had a lady pasting it in a scrap book and beside it you wrote something to them. How cool is that. Here are out photo booth pictures, the twins didn't know where to look but I think they are still cute!

Last night the clouds got dark and it looked like it was just going to storm hard, it never really did but when I went back outside to see if it ever started raining I saw beautiful!?!

It was a double rainbow!

Look how bright and vivid the colors of the rainbow are?

My new chair we got Sunday...I love it, I added the cushions and the side tables last night!

This is my newest project. I added some little wooden characters to the swing set along with some much needed hooks to hang wet bathing suits and towels. I think it turned out excellent!

The hooks I added.

Everything together.

Tuesday, May 26, 2009

FINALLY a few birthday pics...

Here are a few birthday party pics, it was still taking forever to download and I'm very tired so these will have to do for now.

Monday, May 25, 2009

WHAT A BUSY WEEKEND....the twins birthday, a wedding, and memorial day!

We have had a very busy but fun weekend. The twins birthday was Friday, for some reason the pics from their birthday party won't upload to my blog, I will keep working on it and when I can get them to do it I will post them. The first set of pics are from a wedding we went to on Saturday evening. It was Brooke and Brandon's. One of my brothers best friends sister. It was fun! Nan-Nan with all my kiddos!

Family pic!

My mom and I

My brother and I

my brother and my mom

My brother with my kiddos

My handsome brother!

that little diva or little *@it face

My mom, me, Carmyn, and Gayla

My mom and Shane

Me and my kiddos

I LOVE THIS PICTURE of my brother and the twins!

daddy and karson playing a game of arm wrestling

Shane and his friends!

Karson & Daddy

The twins had so much fun on the dance floor and just running around!

Tessa, me, and Morgan

Jameson in his little pool

Jacob, Klayton, and Karson in their big pool, the twins got this for their birthday!

Jameson trying to be a big boy BUT he's just not YET!