Tuesday, March 31, 2009


Just wanted to post an email that was directly from Beverly, Jason's mother. I think I was pretty accurate in my update but I would rather you hear the update straight from her:

Most of you know this by now, but some of you do not, so I wanted to try to reach the largest number of folks possible via email.Jason was involved in a car accident on Monday night when he was returning to college in Tyler. He was hit by a drunk driver who was on the wrong side of the road. His car was totalled, in fact, it does not even resemble a car any longer. Even though he is injured, we are extremely blessed. Basically, all that is left of the car is the portion that Jason was taken out of.He has a broken sternum and lacerated kidney - both will heal on their own. He had a significant gash under his right knee, which they repaired during surgery early Tuesday morning. His chief complaint has been his back and we found out last night that he will be having surgery tomorrow to realign the bottom two vertabrae and to attach it to his pelvis. He has some nerve damage in his left leg, but that is expected with this type of injury. After surgery, he should have a full recovery, which will take about 3 months. At this time, I am not sure how long he will be in the hospital, but expect to know more after the surgery.He is pretty sedated at this point, so he drifts in and out, but he is providing us all with comic relief from his comments courtesy of the pain medication!!It is a blessing that his injuries are not more severe and that he will be able to recover from this. I know that many of you have asked about us and that prayers are being said all over the place. All I can say is Thank You from the bottom of my heart and please keep them coming. Thanks so much...Beverly, Brooke & Jason


Jason had the surgery on his knee. They found out as well that he has a broke back, his back pulled away from his pelvis in the accident so he has to have surgery on Thursday to fuse that back together, he has a cracked sternum, and a laceration in his kidney, along with all the cuts and bruises. The doctor said that the kidney and the sternum should fix itself and then he will have the surgery on his back Thursday. I just keep thinking how lucky he is, this could have ended SO MUCH worse than it did. They said his car looked like a motorcycle, that is how smashed it was. They are going to try to have him walking by his sister's wedding, which is next month. Please continue to pray for him and his family. They have a long road ahead of them. Again if any of this is wrong I will correct it as I find out and I will update with any other news I get as well! Beverly and Brook, if y'all need anything at all, please call. IF y'all need a break from the hospital we can sit with Jason for y'all, just let us know if we can do anything! Love y'all.....

He is the one on the far left as you are looking at the picture, the one standing up with his arm around his mother! This was taken a couple weekends ago. He was headed back to school last night (tjc) where Shane, my brother goes, and as he was going through Terrell Texas a drunk driver came over the median and hit him head on. His car flipped several times. He was taken to Baylor Dallas. My mom and Shane, among about 20 other friends and his family gathered at the hospital last night until around 4. The latest news as of 4 was that he had just came out of knee surgery, they had to put pins in it. The next thing they were going to look out was his back. He has bruises and cuts everywhere with stitches in alot of places as well. Their has been two rumors on the drunk driver...(1) that he was not expected to live and (2) Jason's injuries were by FAR way worse than his! You would figure it would be #2. If I have made some mistakes in my report or hear any updates I will let y'all know. In the mean time please just keep Jason and his family in your prayers!!

Stormy weather and hail!!

Klayton had his 2nd baseball game last night at 6 and by the time we got home and got everyone in bed and asleep this is what happened... hail fell last night all the sudden and hard rains and before you knew it was all over! 3 miles from our house their was baseball size hail confirmed. That could kill someone!!

Monday, March 30, 2009


Ben has been dieting before me and doing a good job. But I know how he is when he put "real" effort into something.....he gets in the zone and really gets into and when he does this with dieting he has great results. He had been doing really really good and then for a month or 2 he was real laid back about it and I told him about a month ago he should get back on it good and get down to where he wants to be and then just maintain! So he took my advice and this past month he lost 15 pounds. That's so good! Here are some pics of him starting from now to the past...you can really see the difference! Good job baby!!

Sunday, March 29, 2009

Sunday and MY latest creations!!

Sunday Klayton's baseball team, The Cardinals, had a baseball kick off party at a park! The moms played the boys in a game, we cooked out hot dogs, we had chips, potato salad, macaroni salad, drinks, and every type dessert you can think of! It was a perfect thing to be doing on such a nice day! It was really fun! The boys did beat the moms by 1 point but we gave them a run for their money and I did pretty good if I have to say so myself! I decided to make shirts again to help cheer on Klayton at his games and I think I am pretty pleased with how they turned out! Here are some pics below. Karson's is on the left, mine is on top in middle, and Karlea's is on the right!
Close up of the front of my shirt.

Close up of Karson's front.

Close up of Karlea's front.

The back of all of ours!

Close up of the back of mine.
Close up of the back of Karson's.

Close up of the back of Karlea's!
Klayton has had one game so far and they won by 1 point. He has a game tomorrow (monday) at 6 and another one on thursday at 730. He did really good in his first game! I'm excited to watch and see how great he does in his next game. I will let yall know! I hope everyone had a great week!! I am going to concentrate on doing REALLY good on my diet and exercising this week!

Friday and Saturday!

Before we left to run errands ALL day on Friday!! Ben didn't feel good on Friday at all and you know this because it's the first time EVER he has ever called into work because he was sick!! We decided that after Klayton got out of school we would go get Shel's boys and take the twins for their first movie at the movie theater. We went and saw Monsters vs. Aliens. All the kids LOVED it and the twins did so good!! This is me and the twins before we left for church Saturday evening! After church we went and had dinner at Cheddars! Klayton was with Shel and her family, the one place he ALWAYS wants to be! Thanks Shel and Josh! We had a great weekend! I love it when it's just "us" sometimes! I love you, Ben! Thanks for making every day a great day for me!! I look forward to many MORE great days and great weekends with you and our family!!

Our first visit from Miss Hadyn!!

She really has grown and gotten bigger but you would never know seeing that she fits just perfectly in Karlea's doll stroller. She is not yet 7 lbs. and she will be 3 months tomorrow. She is so cute! Jess, thanks for bringing her over....I look forward to many many more visits just like that one and the kids haven't quit talking about her since then!

Mommy and daughter!

Me and little miss!!

Thursday, March 26, 2009

Karlea and "her girl toys"

Karlea and I were the last ones up last night because she took a late long nap. I was in on the computer check my blogs and facebook and she was doing what she always does, carrying around as many of "her" toys as she possibly can fit in her hands. She cam over and asked me could she take the 100 things she had in her arms upstairs and I told her I didn't care. For the longest time she was at the top of the stairs playing and she kept yelling down to me to hurry and come up, I guess she was getting sleepy and wanted to get in bed. I kept saying ok and 2 hours later I realized she must had finally gotten tired of waiting on me and just went and slept with Nan-Nan, like she does MOST nights. So I finally felt tired and went up to crawl into bed, my room was pitch dark but I could see Karlea had crawled up on my side and fallen asleep. So I went to turn the bath room light on so I could move her to her pack n play and this is what I saw. It was still dark in the room, the flash of my camera made it look like it was really light but it wasn't. Anyways, this is what I found when I turned on the bathroom light to move Miss Priss.............. Daddy and Karson were sound asleep when she decided to get in bed. I guess she thought "her toys", as she like to say when Karson gets anywhere near them, she yells these are girl toys not boy toys, were sleepy too because she sure made sure she stuffed every last one of them in the bed with her and right up next to Karson. So needless to say after I moved her I had to dig out all of the toys that were in the bed as well!! I hope everyone has a great Thursday!

Wednesday, March 25, 2009


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WELL IS NONE OTHER THAN BABY JAMESON! This pic just makes me want to pinch his little fat cheeks!!

Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Klayton's first baseball game of the season!

The Cardinals did so good and Klayton looked so good!! He started the game on 2nd base and the second play a ball was thrown really hard to him and he caught it and got the runner coming from 1rst out!! It was great! Then he was the first one to bat when the Cardinals were up to bat and he hit a line drive over 2nd base and got a double! He eventually scored. He played so good, the whole team looks really good! I think Klayton is one of the only new players on the team this year so I was hoping he would do really good and HE DID!! Karson and Karlea were right there cheering on there big brother well, I mean when they weren't playing in the sand...so much for the bath they took right before we went! Oh well, they had fun most of the night and Klayton was GREAT!!
You would know Karlea had friends instantly! IF she doesn't quit being so prissy she won't have them for long. Before the night was over she was yelling from the sand over to where all the parents were telling one of the little girls mothers that her little girl needed to share and that she was not being nice and that she was going to tell her mother and then pointing at me.....OOHHHH is this pay back or what!!??

They were jumping up and down yelling for Klayton...it was cute!
Klayton is at the back of the line!

This was right before we left the house. The twins shirts are way too big but it was the smallest size they had, I think I got them where they don't look too bad!! I should have just made them shirts like I did in football but oh well, maybe I will make me one!! Anyways, I just wanted to tell everyone how great my oldest son did in his football game, even after coming home from school not feeling good!! He is an athlete.....naturally of course he takes after his mother:) Good night!

Thursday, March 19, 2009