Monday, September 28, 2009

Twins Photo Shoot, just the twins, Texas Tech, & MY BOY'S

These are just the proofs but I think they turned out SO GOOD!! Nan-Nan took the twins to the cutest photo shoot ever, it was really called princess fairy photo shoot but they accommodated Karson....boy did they love it too! This next 1 is one of my favorites.
Princess Karlea girl!

This was my favorite one of her...
Loved this one too, they were all so good!
LOVED LOVED this one because Karlea is doing exactly what was asked and Karson is like...IF I HAVE TO LOOK AT HER, I GUESS I WILL!
My favorite full picture of Karson!
MY favorite of him...
I like this one because of his feet!
Close up of Karson, love it...
Karson having a melt down after we got back from the photo shoot!
Karlea LOVED her new little vanity that Nan-Nan got for her! She didn't want any of the boys any where near it!

Nan-Nan and the twins before we left for the photo shoot!

When I am getting on to Karlea I will say Karlea Shayne, well today I heard Karson yelling at Karlea and he was yelling GIWL (girl) Shayne....he calls her girl no matter is so funny!

AND HERE IS TRULY TRULY AMERICA'S TEAM, YOUR DALLAS COWBOYS in the house that Jerry built! This game, other than the outcome, was AMAZING to say the least!! We sat in Roy Williams brothers, suite....our good friend from Lancaster H.S., Monica, is married to Roy William's brother.....the suites are RIDICULOUSLY NICE..had so much fun!

Jordan Sparks singing the National Anthem before the game started!

This is how you know THE DALLAS COWBOYS are TRULY AMERICA'S TEAM, the best President ever was there to toss the coin!

The famous JUMBO TRON!!