Saturday, February 28, 2009

We beat the guys in game night......

ALMOST anyways! Shel and I are determined to beat them so we absolutely won't play on their teams. We always play with each other and against them and have yet to beat them but we are close I can feel it! Anyways, we had another fun night of games. Here are a few pics of our night!!

Me and my baby Jameson!!

5 months old already?? Cutie Pie!!

Friday, February 27, 2009

My little Mavericks!!

Karson was the only one up when Klayton left for school so I got to get this picture of my 2 favorite boys!! Not sure what happened to the color in this picture but I think Karlea looks ALOT like my sister in this one! With the nose and her round face!
Now here is my little angel boy!! For everyone that thinks he is so bad, mean, NOT nice, and just down right dennis the menace you should be ashamed of yourself. Does he look like anything other than a perfect little angel??

My princess girl!

I hope everyone has a great weekend. Please continue to pray for my Uncle Jim, Nelda, and Lacy.

Thursday, February 26, 2009


The babies and I got up this morning at 6 to get Klayton ready for school and we have been on the go ever since! After Klayton left for school, the twins and I ran to walmart, then we had lunch at Chili's, as soon we got home we did our 3 miles, and when we got back we started on the yard work and have been out side ALL day until we had to go get Ben from work. I just wanted to tidy up my flower beds. I thought everything turned out really good and I can't wait until it's spring here for good! It was mid 80's today and so nice!! Here is a picture of what the twins and I did all day. Ready to start the should have seen them when we were done with everything.....wet, dirty, and smelly!! But they had a great time!!

P & P (Princess bathing suit and Popsicles for breakfast)

Is this not the CUTEST thing you have ever seen??? And yes it's a bathing suit!! I can not wait to see my little Princess in it!!
To celebrate this eighty degree weather day, the twins are having Popsicles for breakfast!! We are going to work outside in the yard all day!! Please keep my uncle Jim, aunt Nelda, and cousin Lacy in your prayers!!

Tuesday, February 24, 2009


ARE RIDICULOUS!! What happened to them being like 20 bucks?? And only having 1 pose and only once a year?? They now have winter and spring pictures, you have 3 - 4 poses to choose from, and they are between $50 and $100. Klayton's spring pictures (the second set) are taken and then I get the proofs set home a few weeks later where I can then pick which pose I like and what package I like. I half way hope they aren't good of him because then I wouldn't feel bad not buying any especially since I have already spend close to a $100 on the first set, you know his winter pictures!! BUT these pictures are ALWAYS the best and I can't NOT buy any. I sent them back with him this morning with a $101 check attached. That is just crazy to me but they are really good, when I get them I will have to scan them and put them on here so you can see!! I couldn't decide which pose so I got 2 different packages so I could get both poses I couldn't pick between and then I have to get Grammy and Grampy a magnet because I always do and they have them on the fridge and they are so cute seeing the differences in him from years back until now. And then I always have to get me and my mom key chains and these ones are really cool because they have flashlights on them! Anyways just had to rant about the price of school pictures for a second because it's not like I'm NOT going to buy them or something!! Hope everyone is having a great day!

Monday, February 23, 2009

Saturday, February 21, 2009

FINAL before and after weight loss pics!

I thought I would put some FINAL before and after weight loss pics up! I'm officially off my diet, I guess you could say! It's a way of life for me now. I'm happy where I'm at, I just want to maintain!! I will continue to do my exercising and everything I did when I was dieting. I'm just not TRYING to lose anymore weight! I am just TRYING NOT to gain anything from here!! I have lost at least 85 pounds, went from a size 22 to a 10-12, and went from 260 to about 175. I'm going to officially weigh in at the end of next week!! Anyways, please wish me luck on keeping the weight off!!

On other notes::
We have had quite the busy day!! We got up early and daddy made a good breakfast! Klayton had his basketball game at 12, which they won. We then left to go eat lunch at Bosses pizza, which by the way, is the best pizza ever!!! Then we came home and changed Klayton's clothes and everyone got refreshed and then we left for Gracee's birthday party that was at Main Event! All the kids had a blast!! We left there and then we went and had dinner at Anamia's and we are FINALLY at home! Karlea is already asleep on the couch beside me, Karson is asleep upstairs with daddy and I'm almost headed to bed myself!! I half way feel like I may be getting sick! Have a good night, I hope we do, I'm tired!!

Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Hair before and after!!!!

My best friend, Jess, and I went to get our hair done last night! I got mine colored, cut, and styled. I love the girl that did my hair!! However, the girl that did Jess's hair was not so good! Actually at the beginning you would have thought she was but after she got through putting highlights in her hair you could not even tell a difference from when she walked in there, she then proceeded to cut and and style her hair, I guess that's what she thought she was doing anyways!! When we walked out Jess's hair was still wet and you should have seen how uneven it was! Her hair is one length, I could have done a better job on the cut, hell, on the color too for that matter! Anyways, she is going back today to have everything re-done at no cost!! I know it will look great when she is done, it always does! Here is a pic of my hair before and after. The after was this morning and I don't look very good but you can see enough of my hair to see the difference. I really like it!! AFTER:

Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Friday and Saturday!

We had a great weekend this past weekend! We were missing a couple of people but they were having fun where they were too! This is everyone's Valentines starting from left to right! Shel's and Jameson's, Karson's, Klayton, Karlea's, and then daddy's. The twins LOVED there big heart suckers!

Klayton and Karlea
Klayton and Karson

Karson and Karlea (Karson's hair is crazy)

Klayton at his Valentine's party at school.

I think this was the last Friday! Shel's boys, the twins, and then Josh's niece and nephew (the other set of twins)

Mr. Jameson!

Jacob ready to ski!

Jack with all if his gear on! He told us he is now a pro at skiing! It was his third year to go and Jacob's first year. They all had a great time!

Sunday, me, Shel, Jameson, and my mom went to Tyler to take my brother some stuff I got him at sam's. Alot if drinks and chips and stuff like that! We had a great time! My mom cleaned his whole house. Shel and I switched his room to the other room one of his roommates moved out of and got his whole room set up for him. We ate good mexican food and went to the grocery store to get him stuff like milk, bread, meat....he is stocked up for a least a month if not longer, really should be longer! We had a great weekend overall!

Friday, February 13, 2009


THANK GOODNESS IT'S FRIDAY! Shel took this picture today when she got here. I have to go to Klayton's Valentine's party today. Shel came over to watch the kiddos for me. Afterwards we are going to meet Ben at Chili's for dinner. Shel is going to buy us dinner for watching her kiddos when she was sick, I told her she didn't have too but she said she wanted to. We picked Chili's because you can get that chicken fajita pita without the fries and it's only like 350 calories and its so good and it fills you up! Anyways, I hope everyone has a great weekend, I know we will!

Thursday, February 12, 2009

Difference between boys and girls!

I just asked Karson to hand me my pony tail holder that was laying on the ground on the other side of this table and he bends down to get what I think is my pony tail holder because its right there BUT he come back up with a big box and says here ya go.....So then I tell Karlea to come get mommy my pony tail holder that's laying on the floor and she says OK and skips right over and picks it up and hands it to me!!! BOYSSSSS....!!!

Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Bloody nose, princess and the pea, and how I miss my Jameson!!

To explain this better, Karson fell down the last two stairs yesterday and pretty much all that he got was a rug burn on his nose. Well today he was jumping on the trampoline with all the other kids and he fell and busted, all we saw when we looked out was BLOOD so I freaked out a little!! When they came in this was the picture I got, it made him more mad because I took the picture but the only reason there was so much blood was because he knocked off the scab of the previous accident. POOR BABY!! And the rest of the pictures will be off Miss Princess Karlea and the Pea, other wise known as Jameson!!

I already miss him and they haven't been gone an hour! Good thing, Shel and Jameson are spending the weekend with us since Josh and the other two are going snow skiing!!

Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Honey we can have another baby.....I can handle twins and a baby!!

Not HAVE HAVE another baby....I just mean I can handle taking care of the wild 2 year old twins and baby Jameson. Shelly is VERY sick with strep throat, Josh said he doesn't think he has EVER seen her this sick. So we have had Jameson since Sunday night and Jacob spent the night and day last night and today! Also this pictures are proof for Shelly that Jameson does NOT cry the whole time he can't see her face! He cried about the first 30 minutes he was here. Since then he hasn't quit smiling and being happy, well maybe last night when my mom didn't go to bed with him until after 11 and he woke up at 230 for a snack bottle and then again at 6 or so. The first night he went to sleep at about 1030 and slept all night until 5 for a bottle. But he has been a very good baby. Karlea is a little "too" much help but she means well! We have had fun!

Karlea LOVES holding her baby Jameson!!

He is trying to talk to Nan-Nan!

Karson doesn't care too much for the whole holding baby Jameson but he did want in on the picture taking with baby Jameson!

Taking a candy break!


He's fixing to roll over.....
And over he went!!

I had to take this one. Karson has Klayton's basketball shoes on and Karlea has mine on.

And for the record Ben and Nan-Nan has done there part to help me as well! As soon as Ben gets home I leave to do my 3 miles and errands and then when I get back I do my yoga and he has Jameson the whole time and is great with him. Nan-Nan takes over whatever time she gets home from work and baby Jameson sleeps with Nan-Nan at night so if he gets up she is the one that gets up with him. Thanks for helping and I hope you feel better, Shel.