Thursday, September 17, 2009

Karson and his funny little self!

Yes, this time it was Karson that said something that made me laugh! I was changing yet another diaper of his and I told him "If you don't start going on the potty, mommy is shippin you off to potty school and you won't get to see us for a while", immediately back he responds, "Quit playin mommy Symonds", I said, "I'm not playing", to which he takes a deep breath and real nonchalantly says, "Daddy would come get me"! And the truth is Daddy probably would go get him! Little toot, he's going to think quit playin when mommy Symonds really does ship him off! I thought that was pretty cute and thought I would share! I'm so tired of rainy, dreary, yucky weather. I think it has rained here for the past week and I am ready to see the sun again! Excited for this weekend..Nan-Nan is taking Princess Karlea girl to get fairy princess pictures taken and Karson is going to for some pics, Klayton has a football game on Saturday morning, Nan-Nan is going to watch all the kiddos for us Saturday night so Shel, Josh, Ben, and I can go out for the Tech vs. Texas game, and then for the grand finale.... SHELLY AND I ARE GOING TO THE COWBOY/GIANT GAME SUNDAY NIGHT:)

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Heidi said...

funny. I am trying to get mine out of diapers, not working so well.