Monday, December 7, 2009


So It's been over a month since I have posted....we have BEEN crazy busy with Klayton and his football! His Titans team won City Championship and then Klayton made the All Star team which is made up of all the best players from all the teams. We had two all star tournaments we were in, one in Humble Texas and one in Sachse Texas. We got 3rd in the Humble tournament and 1rst in the Sachse tournament, no one scored on us all three games of the Sachse tourney, we scored 92 points all three games combined, Klayton played excellent!! He plays defensive end and middle linebacker and he is just so good, makes me sad he doesn't want to play next year! I LOVE WATCHING HIM! We had alot of fun this season BUT this past weekend wrapped it all up! We will have a little breather now thru the holidays and then basketball starts in Jan. I got strep throat last week and can't remember the last time I was that sick, went to the doctor and got some BIG antibiotic shot that HURT so bad and then sent home with a z-pack, pain pills, and gargle stuff for my throat! I felt terrible tuesday thru friday, the first day I was almost back to 100 percent was saturday! I feel great now! I have gotten out of my exercise routine since Thanksgiving with going out of town for the All Star stuff and me getting sick! I'm trying to start it back up today but the high today is 46, NOT exactly the kind of weather that puts you in the mood to exercise, all I want to do is snuggle with the twinkies and watch a movie and make homemade chili! Everyone has been healthy for the most part, other than my strep! Ben has sinus stuff going on off and on all the time, the twins both have bad coughs right now, I'm hoping it doesn't turn into anything else, and Klayton has been pretty healthy, he did get sick a couple of times through football season but it was just viral infections! MY COWBOYS are upsetting me right now, started out December exactly like all the NON cowboy fans said they would, the only way we are going to shut people up is proving them wrong and right now we are playing right into their hand! I do have faith we can get it together by our next game and end December with a winning record and glide straight into the playoffs without a problem! Anyways, thats what we have been up too, here are some pics to show what we have been doing the last month or so! Hope everyone is well, Happy Holidays!! Our Dallas Cowboy themed Christmas tree!
Karlea at the doctor on friday, doesn't look too sick to me, she wasn't!

The K man sleeping on our way to an EARLY bowl game!

Klayton got the award that is handed out every six weeks to kids that have excelled in certain subjects or just have really good grades all the time, this is what the teacher read before he went up to get his award.(you can click on the pic and it will make it bigger)

Cousin sleepover, I swear, Jack and Klayton, think they are dying because they haven't been able see other too much since Klayton's football kept us so busy!

My Dallas Cowboy wreath I made!

Klayton before school one day last week!

what he doing when we are at home, which is why we got him his own laptop for his he can stay off mine:)

Klayton and Peyton, that is Billie's (Klayton's step-mom)granddaughter, her and Klayton are the same age and used to play together and see each other alot when they were younger!

Klayton and his daddy!
Klayton with his Magnificent Mustang Award!

Klayton and his sister, Chandler

Klayton and Karson at the Humble All Star tourney. Karlea girl went with my mom to San Angelo!

Klayton's birthday present from Ben and I!

Humble tournament, Klayton is #34.

Karson pretty much thought he was part of the team, he would exercise and warm up with the boys before ever game!
Klayton is the one standing up all the way to the right!

Karson warming up with the boys!
warming up with the team...

and again....
Klayton is on the ground!

Klayton and his sister, Cassidy after they won City Championship!

My new Texas Tech sweats from Victoria Secrets that I LOVE, they are really for Christmas from Ben!

This was this past weekend in Sachse....THE ALL STAR JAGUARS took first!

These are the Titan's that made the All Star team, they made up almost half of the team...after all we DID win the City Championship!

Rhonda, Gina, and me....the moms trying to stay warm watching our boys!

The twins this weekend trying to stay warm, they only stayed for 1 game, it was miserably cold!

me and my football player!

Daddy and Karson waiting while Karlea and I talked to the doctor!

karson warming up yet pic makes me laugh!
My Kman getting his trophy at the Humble tournament!

after the last game at the Humble tournament, yes, that is karson with a trophy and in the pic!

Humble tournament!

jumping off the bleachers the millionth time after being told a million and 1 time to QUIT!

warmin up!

Before the Humble tournament
klayton and I

klayton and his daddy at the Humble tournament
Ben and Klayton

Thanksgiving at Grammy and Grampy's. Uncle Mark and Klayton playing a game.

Thanksgiving- Rachel and I
presents added

My favorite ornaments...I made the one on the left last year!


PROUD moms at the Humble tournament!

Gina and I

the boys at Pappasitos, friday night, in Humble Texas

Klayton and J.P.

Thanksgiving- Uncle Mark, Richie, and Grampy

Thanksgiving- Jill, Grammy, Lexie, and Richie playin some games!

Now you understand why I haven't posted in a while. I will have some time now so I will start posting again every other day or so. I would like to say HAPPY BIRTHDAY TODAY TO my MawMaw and to Grampy....hope yall have a great day, love yall!

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