Tuesday, December 15, 2009

The twins could NOT wait to sit with Santa, I was a little leary considering all the big boys still really won't sit with him, Klayton will but said he didn't do it this time because he was too big and Shelly's boys would NOT even go near him! Karlea jumped right into his lap and Karson was right behind her. We waited for 2 hours in line so I was happy that they jumped right up in his lap! Do I have Texas kids or what.....Karson asked him for a machine gun and Karlea asked him for a pony!!! They even got to sit with Mrs. Claus!

Presents just seem to keep getting added more and more everyday....Karlea can hardly wait to open them, she asks everyday, Is it Christmas yet, I just really want to open my presents!
Shel and I went out with the kids last Friday for a day of shopping and lunch, this was before we left!
Me and the K man!
My new Cowboy shoes that I LOVE!
Klayton's new hair cut! Shel went and got it cut first and it look like a mullet so I went and got it fixed the next day! Got Karson's cut too but you really can't tell, I'm NOT getting his hair cute short, he has too pretty of hair to cut it all off! Everyone but just a few LOVE his hair!

My BOYS!!!
This pic is from about 10 years ago... a friend of mine on fb posted it and I about fell out of my chair, how great it was to be young!!
Me and Jess!
Grammy and Grampy with the twinks!

My new Dallas Cowboy t shirt from Victoria Secret, I LOVE IT!
These are my new pants from Victoria Secret, they are just like yoga pants and this is on the top left side....too cute!!
Klayton had his "coach's look" in bastball last saturday, he did great!

The twins at Klayton basketball look!
Me and the Princess!

Me and my Klaty boy!

Last Friday when Shel and I went out for the day!

Had to hold Mr. Jameson, he wouldn't stand still and was almost falling in the water!!

My new headband I got that I LOVE, usually headbands hurt my head, this one doesn't at all!

Klayton's Christmas shirt!

So this is what we have been doing! We are pretty much ready for Christmas, I just have a few last minutes things to get but other than that WE are all ready! Hope everyone has a very Merry Christmas!!

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