Friday, August 28, 2009

Busy week!!

I wanted to start off with this picture and say a few words. This is Grayson, my cousin Will and his wife Kari's, little boy. He is in first grade. He was at his grandma's house and was next door playing and their pitt bull attacked him. These dogs should be banned and no one should be able to have these dogs as pets. I mean how ridiculous is it that a little innocent boy went through what he went through because someone wanted a pitt bull, which are known to be violent?? And the best possible scenario came out of this even though you look at this picture and possible scenario?? He is alive and expected to be able to use his eye again. He will forever have memories of what happened, he already won't look at his face in the mirror and doesn't want to talk about what happened. And then I hear Michael Vick got a standing ovation last night!!! Are you kidding me?? FOR WHAT??? They should have put Grayson's picture on the jumbo tron when they announced him and then see what the fans think about big bad Vick....coward, pathetic, waste of time, trash...are just a few words that come to mind when I think about Vick! Anyways, Grayson, I hope you feel better real soon and we will continue to pray for as painless and fast recovery as possible....WE LOVE YOU! I have been looking for some boots that you wear with blue jean skirts, like I want to wear my blue jean skirt and a cute dallas cowboy shirt to the cowboy/giant game with some boots. I have been looking everywhere and either they were too expensive or they didn't look tall enough BUT I finally found me some last night and I can't wait to get them. Here is a pic of them.
This is a picture of Karlea after we had our little stroller accident. Shelly and I decided to go walking Tuesday when I had to go over that way to take Karlea to the doctors but I didn't have my jogging stroller so I just used the little twin one that I got when the twins were first born, it has little wheels on it and is not a good stroller to go jogging/walking with. We walk pretty fast and I'm not looking at the ground and apparently we come up to a part of the sidewalk that is uneven, when the strollers wheel hit it instead of rolling over them like big wheels on a jogging stroller would have done, it just stopped, well with my momentum I couldn't stop so the stroller flip face forward to the ground throwing the twins to the ground face first and pinning them underneath it, I continue to go forward as well flipping ontop of the stroller where my foot gets caught in the wheel, so no matter how hard and how fast I try to get the stroller off the twins because they are screaming and crying I can't, Shelly runs over and help me get un-stuck and we hurry and get the stroller off the twins only to find Karson fine and just scared but Karlea had blood all over her face. She busted her top and bottom lip and skinned up her chin and under nose and everything was swollen. I felt so bad for her and if you ask her about it now...BOY does she have a story to tell ya!! Right after it all happened a black suburban races up besides us and rolls down her window and said she saw the whole thing and did we need help back to our house...I'm sure that was a site to see! Anyways, here is a picture of Karlea after we got back to the house that day, it actually looked alot worse the next day but is finally healing and going away!

Klayton's 2nd day of third grade. He loves it so far and hasn't complained about school YET, I think all he thinks and worries and stresses about is football right now, although, I think that is getting better too. He sees after he is finally in shape and he plays to his potential every single play he is really good and then thinks it's kind of fun!

Since starting football, he eats so much less, and looks to have lost weight. Every morning I ask him what he wants for breakfast and he tells me nothing but I make him eat something so he settles for a bowl of cereal which he take about 5 bites of and then is done!

My palm tree out front is finally growing, like where I can tell it is. And looks really healthy right now so I wanted to take a picture of it.

I think my Uncle Jim is giving me some help from up above. I think he saw I wasn't having any luck and decided to give in and help me out. Thank you Uncle Jim...we love and miss you everyday:)

Klayton's 3rd day of third grade. He asked me why I take a picture of him every single morning? And I said because I'm your mommy and I just can. And he said I really hope we aren't going to do this every morning til the last said no just the first week! You can tell he wasn't very happen this morning to take this picture.

Just showing how long my little princess's hair is getting.

The twinks being silly:)

I can't believe Klayton's is getting so big, I can't believe I have a third grader. I like this pic, I don't get too many of him but I like when I do!

Klayton's 4th day of third grade. He has his first regular season football game Saturday so I let him wear his t-shirt I got for him. I got Karson one just like this to wear to the games.
This is the back of his shirt!
Thank goodness it's Friday...I hope everyone has a wonderful weekend. We will be doing football all day tomorrow then back home to watch THE Dallas Cowboys...I can't wait til pre-season is over!

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Nikki B. said...

that poor kid! that's awful, i hate pit bulls, too. our neighbors finally got rid of theirs.

about vick, tho...he was jailed for being cruel and inhumane to pit bulls, he killed them after the fights. i mean, i still think that fighting the dogs was wrong, but, at least he wasn't breeding them, and selling them.

the breeders are the ones who should be ashamed of themselves and be shown the picture of your cousin. that's horrible, i hope he makes a speedy recovery.