Saturday, August 15, 2009

My brady bunch....

Shelly and Josh left Thursday at about 445 a.m. to head to Santa Monica California for a couple days before school and sports starts which means I have had the brady bunch since then. Thank goodness I don't have 6 kids all the time, I would lose my mind! We have had fun but we are all looking forward to Shelly and Josh coming home. Here are some pics from this morning!

I thought about just leaving these 3 in here all day til Shell and Josh made it back but then I thought I might be in trouble if any of the kids (Karlea tells everything to everyone) should happen to leak out that her, bubba, and the chubster had to stay in the chubsters baby bed all day......then I decided it's the last day so I let them out and got everyone dressed and ready for the day! Hope everyone is having a good weekend!

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Andrea McMann said...

Wow, what a full house! Even though it was probably a lot of work for you, I'll bet your kids will remember those times very fondly.