Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Carving Pumpkins!!

We had a great time tonight with my cousin Gidget and uncle Jeff, they helped the kiddos carve pumpkins! Here are the pumpkins:Gidget carved both sides of Karson's pumpkin, this side is the double T for texas tech, the twins have their guns up and Klayton has his hook em horns up, that was all Jeff, he was trying all night for at least one of them to do hook em horns!

Karson's pumpkin

get your guns up baby!

Karlea's pumpkin!

Klayton's pumpkin!

GROSS, he really put his tongue to the spoon!

He wanted Karlea to take a bite but she was NOT about to.

Look at his face, it was so funny, every time he touched the inside of the pumpkin he couldn't help but make some kind of face!

Karlea and I went Jess and Hadyn's last night for a little while...Hadyn loved Miss Karlea, we had a good time!

that is a pacifier...soo funny!

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