Saturday, October 10, 2009

Mommy's little model, her new stuff, & Titan football

I HAD to go get Karlea some new shoes and boots last night and some winter clothes...she had nothing that fit her...Karson has more than enough stuff but she had nothing. This is the difference between boys and girls.. this morning Karlea saw the stack of clothes and she said, "I like those clothes because they look like mine, can I try them on?" She tried on every single outfit with shoes/boots and had to go show the boys every time she put on a new outfit. If they had been Karson or Klayton they would have been whining the whole times saying, "are we done yet, no more!" Here are some pics of my little model girl!! Karlea and I LOVE her new little Twinkle Toes Sketchers! This kind of stuff is right up our alley:)
Her cute new brown boots, she still needs some black ones but they didn't have her size in the ones I wanted.

This morning before she left to go with Nan-Nan to get her hair cut...she is smiling at her daddy because he told her she was a pretty little girl...
My blue eyed girly girl...
the back of her hair after I fixed it, I just think for now her hair looks so much healthier and if you didn't know, you would think she has GOOD hair.
This is a picture frame that another player on the team gave out to everyone for homecoming...isn't it so cute??
And this is the poster I made that will be hung on the homecoming trailer that all the boys will ride on to the game and then they are going to hang them on the fence for the game...I thought it turned out pretty cute!
Hope everyone has a good weekend....

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