Thursday, October 8, 2009


This is where Karlea fell asleep today and slept the whole time for her nap.

This would be Klayton's first 3rd grade report card which just happens to be straight A's SSOO he has now had straight A's (or the equivalent of) since he has started kindergarten through now! SO VERY PROUD OF HIM!

THANK GOODNESS....I am now a mommy of 3 kids that are all OUT of diapers...Karson has done such a great job...he has been in underwear since Tuesday and only had 2 accidents!

This is a poster that I am making for Klayton's homecoming this weekend, I still have to add pictures!

Karson's haircut....I KNOW I KNOW, the average person probably can't tell but I can and I can't bring myself to cut off his beautiful hair!

Karlea's new little is SUPER CUTE and the hair cut for her!! We love it!

My little (bad) Jameson!
her new "do" with a big know the way I like it!

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