Wednesday, September 24, 2008

K & K playing with K's cards and K's spelling test!

Okay so this is what the rugrats, I mean my precious angels were doing today. They love to play with KLAYTON'S cards and Klayton hates when they do, I usually let them when he is at school. I gave them to them today and I was up doing dishes and laundry and come back and they have the cards thrown all over the room so I ask them to pick the cards up and at least just put them all on the table and I would put them up form there after about 15 times of telling them that they finally start picking them up or should I say Karlea starts picking them up and putting them on the table as Karson finds his way up to the table to play with his car and as Karlea is putting the cards on the table one by one Karson is throwing them back off, I don't think she even noticed or their would have been problems she just crawled under the table and kept picking the same cars back up, I wonder if she wondered why she wasn't getting anywhere. Anyways here are a couple of pics I took and yes they only have diapers on and her hair is a mess....I wish I could say that's because it was morning and we just hadn't got around to getting dressed but they are still in only a diaper but I did put wife beaters on them so we could go outside earlier. Here is one pic of Klayton's first spelling test also, its just of the grade, just in case you can't see it it says 100, just thought I'd share!

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