Wednesday, September 24, 2008

I have accomplished A LOT today even if I say so myself!

Just because I didn't get around to bathing and putting clothes on my kids today doesn't mean I did nothing today. INFACT, I got up at 455 this morning and did my 3 miles, I got Klayton ready for school and got him off, fed the twins breakfast, started laundry and finished laundry, mowed the front and back yard, got the twins down for a nap, made spagetti for dinner (which is Klaytons and Bens favorite) and had it ready by 400 and did my exercises. I wish I got this much accomplished everyday. This means I can take a shower, bathe the twins, get Klayton in bed and get in bed by 8....something that doesn't happen very often. Thanks to everyone that posted comments on my other posts and I look forward to reading alot more comments. Have a good night and I will post again tomorrow!

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