Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Jameson Casady Mayfield is HERE!

My sister and her husband has had their third and final boy. Born on Josh's grandfathers birthday, Jameson Casady Mayfield has made his debut! Without an epidural (because Shel was already dilated to an 8) all 8 pounds and 13 ounces came into the world at 9:52, about 30 minutes after Shelly and Josh got to the hospital. I was the there but the mean old nurse wouldn't let me in the room. But I got to hold him minutes after he was born and he is precious. Although Shelly and I don't think he looks like Jackson and Jacob, he has a different look about him. He looks more like Klayton looked when he was born we think. We will have to see. Shelly is doing fine, just relieved it's over. Jameson was doing good when I left the hospital, Josh had just taken him to the nursery for the first time. After Josh got back he said he got to feed Jameson and we said how much did he eat and Josh said 5 ounces and Shelly and I said FIVE ounces already and Josh said she wanted him to eat 10 ounces and Shelly and I looked at each other and said WHAT? If he is already eating between 5 and 10 ounces they will go broke or Jameson will be the size of Klayton in about 6 months....then Josh said well maybe they didn't say ounces. I'm pretty sure they didn't say ounces...OH MY, he was a little chubby but I know the cute little thing couldn't have ate 5 ounces much less 10 ounces of formula already. It was pretty funny. Anyways here are the first pictures I took with my phone!

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Heidi said...

Yeah Shelly & Josh. Ouch!!!!! No drugs? Double Ouch!!!!