Saturday, September 27, 2008

I was tagged!

So I was tagged by a very good friend I went to high school with and luckily still stay in touch through our blogs and email. Her name is Heidi and her blog is Great mother of 2, tells good stories and has some good pics of her kiddos, check her out. Not sure who I'm going to tag seeing that Heidi is my only blogging buddy right now, but here goes anyways.

The rules of the tag are as follows:

1.Post the rules on your blog.
2.Write six random things about yourself.
3.Tag six people at the end of your post.
4. If you are tagged, JUST DO IT, and pass the tag along.

Here are my 6 random things people may not know about me:

1) I'm a twin myself and I had twins. I always have heard that twins don't have twins but I'm living proof they do. We had them natural and was more than surprised at our 2 month sono. when the doctor told us we were having twins. We later found out that it was a boy and a girl.

2)Because my name starts with a K, I wanted all of my kids names to start with K's. And actually all of their names are traditionally spelt with a C. But I think spelling them with K's make them a little more unique.

3)I love the Dallas Cowboys which isn't a secret to people who know me, but this summer I got a Dallas Cowboys star tattooed on top of my right foot.

4)I have a brother that is 14 years younger than me. His name is Shane and he goes to TCJC in Tyler.

5)All of my kids has their fathers first name for their middle name with the exception of my girl and she has my brothers first name as her middle name but we spell it Shayne instead of Shane.

6)I have lost at least 50 pounds since June.

Since I don't know anyone else right now in the blogging world, I guess I'm done. When I start knowing people I will tag them then.


Karen said...

Share the secret on the loss of 50 lbs please and thank you!

Nikki B. said...

Here's my get a lot of these stories in my emails...but, I just started the blogging thing too!!!