Friday, May 22, 2009

Klayton's field day!

I think Klayton had a great day. They had opening ceremonies this morning for field day and 1 boy and 1 girl from each grade was picked to carry the torch (with real fire) to represent their grade. Guess what ONE BOY GOT CHOSE OUT OF EVERY SINGLE BOY IN THE SECOND GRADE AT HIS SCHOOL......KLAYTON DAVID HARMON! How cool is that and he was so excited. Ben recorded the whole thing on our video camera, I will have to see if I know how to download that to my computer and I can I will post it! Karlea, Jacob, and Karson in Klayton's classroom. I know Karson looks like he is being so good, well right after this picture, the whole class was quite because they were resting and drinking water and waiting for their next even and Karson burped the loudest burp ever....he has so much to learn before he starts school....we have 2 more years!!
Karson running (notice his tongue sticking out)

Karlea running (notice anything that looks the same as her brother)? And Klayton does the same thing:)

Jacob and Karlea running, Jacob won!

Klayton right in the middle of winning a game of tug of war

Little Miss Birthday Girl!

Klayton with some of his classmates

Jameson with sunscreen in his eye..I didn't do it!
Karlea, Jacob, and Karson walking in the halls acting like good little students...YEAH RIGHT!

Klayton having a water break in his class room
Here is a video of Klayton and his class beating another class in tug of war. No one could beat them, they went undefeated!

There will be plenty more pictures to come...STAY TUNED!!

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