Wednesday, May 13, 2009


This first picture was a great surprise we got one day that we had already started house sitting for Grammy and Grampy. Ben and I love to do yard work and try to make our lawn and flowerbeds look really good. Well it all paid off...My mom got home last Wednesday and the sign you see in the picture was in our yard, the sign says YARD OF THE MONTH, we were so excited! But the funny part to this story is Grampy has been trying to win yard of the month for years now and never has, which I totally don't understand because his yard looks like a yard you would see in a magazine or on some landscape show, it look really really good! But I will take yard of the month and will continue to try and make our lawn look great! Grampy taught us everything we know by the way:) My little fish!
Ben and I at a Ranger game a couple weeks back that actually never started because of the rain!

Jess and I at OTB for Cinco De Mayo!

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