Wednesday, May 27, 2009


The twins yesterday in new outfits they got for their birthday!

momma hen...
At Brooke and Brandon's wedding they had a photo booth set up, it was the coolest idea ever. You went in and it took 4 different pics and then it printed out the pics double, they kept one and you got the other. The one they kept they had a lady pasting it in a scrap book and beside it you wrote something to them. How cool is that. Here are out photo booth pictures, the twins didn't know where to look but I think they are still cute!

Last night the clouds got dark and it looked like it was just going to storm hard, it never really did but when I went back outside to see if it ever started raining I saw beautiful!?!

It was a double rainbow!

Look how bright and vivid the colors of the rainbow are?

My new chair we got Sunday...I love it, I added the cushions and the side tables last night!

This is my newest project. I added some little wooden characters to the swing set along with some much needed hooks to hang wet bathing suits and towels. I think it turned out excellent!

The hooks I added.

Everything together.

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