Monday, May 4, 2009

our weekend!

Our weekend was OK. I say ok because we had to bury my uncle this weekend, on Saturday. Although it was a very nice service it was extremely sad. Shel, Jameson, and I went down Saturday morning and came back Saturday night. It was nice getting to see all of our family I just wish it would have been in other circumstances. We got to eat at my uncles restaurant 2 times. We always love being able to eat at there Mexican restaurant, it's called Amanda's. Friday night we didn't do anything, we let the twins play in the rain with there umbrella's for a while, Klayton was with his dad this weekend. Sunday, we ran errands, got Klayton his new bike and met my best friend and her family at Flips to watch the first game of round 2, the Mav's lost...hopefully they will tie the series up on Tuesday. This week is going to be a busy week. Hopefully that will make it go by fast. Hope everyone has a great week! Ben and I @ Flips.
Klayton's new bike @ our house for hitting his first home run over the fence last week!

Klayton's new bike @ his daddy's!

Friday evening, the twins playing in the rain with there umbrella's and daddy! This is Ben's new clothes I helped him pick out, Grampy DID NOT like his shirt. I happen to like it ALOT, it's what all the guys wear now.. come on Grampy get with the new times:)

Before we left the house Friday morning to spend the morning with Shel and her boys.

Karson and Karlea playing ping

Click on this picture and it will make it bigger for you, notice all Klayton's grades ALL year long....yes...he has made straight A's all year...he has 1 six weeks left, hopefully he can keep up the A's and he will have had straight A's his whole 2nd grade year! GOOD JOB, Klayton!

A few more new signs!

My favorite one!

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