Friday, May 15, 2009

Our Friday!

We have had A GREAT FRIDAY....this is my fav. picture! Where do you think he gets this from?? He has a "play" camera and this is what we got on camera.....PRICELESS!! The twins playing
The twins fighting

The twins eating their baby bottle pops..

All of the kiddos in their hats...

YES, Karlea has chickenpox....even though she had had 1 immunization at 12 months, she is the 10% that could still get it...the good thing is it's the atypical version, which means it doesn't itch, it doesn't look as bad, and we thought it wasn't contagious but we think Karson may be getting it now! The best of all is.....she won't have to get the immunization shot for it at the age of 4!!

The video is of Klayton tonight hitting the tying run in to end the game!

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