Thursday, May 21, 2009

this past sunday, Tuesday FUN, and Klayton news!

Tuesday we went to Shel's to grill hamburgers on the grill and let the kiddos play outside because Shelly went and got them a slip n slide and a new pool. She got baby Jameson one too, the problem with him is you can't keep him one place for too long. They all had a blast though and I'm looking forward to many more days like this one. My cousin Lacy came out too to have a burger and just chit chat! Naked BOY!

He loves the water!!

Karlea girl, you can still see some of her chicken pox but they are almost all gone!

This is a video of the kids having a blast Tuesday evening on the slip n slide Shel went out and bought for them.

This video is of Karlea deciding she is ready to do the slip n slide..

This past Sunday we had a great day. We went to church first and then after dropping the kiddos off at grammy & grampy's ben, me, Shelly, and Jameson went to downtown fort worth or sundance square area and ate at P.F. Chang's and sat on the patio. It was such a nice day. We then went home and Ben went to get the kids and then Shel and I sat outside and watch the kids play for another 3 or 4 hours, it was great!!
Here is a video of Karson dancing. Uncle Mark taught Klayton a dance called "the washing machine", apparently it's a dance that was popular back in the day. Well Klayton perfected it, Karson NOT so much!

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