Thursday, February 5, 2009

Ben and the "REAL" Captain!!

Today was crazy. My mom was up with Karlea all night because she was running fever and crying about her ears hurting. Karlea would not come to me so my mom dealt with her all night. This morning I decided I better take her to the doctor because she is obviously worse than Karson was because she was not starting to feel better like he did. We went to the doctor and she had double ear infections and her glands were VERY SWOLLEN so we got meds. We met Shel and her boys at McDonald's for lunch and as we are sitting there my cell phone rings and it's Klayton's school saying that he is coughing really bad and can't stop and just doesn't feel good so I needed to go pick him up. Well I was at least 40 minutes away so I called Grammy and she was able to swing by and pick him up for me and dropped him off at the house! However, their doesn't seem to be anything wrong with him. I told him he should have stayed at school because he wasn't acting like there was one thing wrong with him. And he said yes there is, I threw up at school because the pizza we had at lunch was cold!! Well (a) they never said he threw up and (b) even if he did it wasn't because he was sick it was because he didn't like the food! Anyways, he is out of school tomorrow for a teacher in service day so I'm sure he will be fine! We are finally home! Karlea took about 1 1/2 nap and she seems to be feeling a little better. I'm sure after the meds get into her system she will be just fine!! Oh....for the title of this post....I have been trying to find this picture for a while because I wanted to post it and I found it today so here ya go.....

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