Saturday, February 21, 2009

FINAL before and after weight loss pics!

I thought I would put some FINAL before and after weight loss pics up! I'm officially off my diet, I guess you could say! It's a way of life for me now. I'm happy where I'm at, I just want to maintain!! I will continue to do my exercising and everything I did when I was dieting. I'm just not TRYING to lose anymore weight! I am just TRYING NOT to gain anything from here!! I have lost at least 85 pounds, went from a size 22 to a 10-12, and went from 260 to about 175. I'm going to officially weigh in at the end of next week!! Anyways, please wish me luck on keeping the weight off!!

On other notes::
We have had quite the busy day!! We got up early and daddy made a good breakfast! Klayton had his basketball game at 12, which they won. We then left to go eat lunch at Bosses pizza, which by the way, is the best pizza ever!!! Then we came home and changed Klayton's clothes and everyone got refreshed and then we left for Gracee's birthday party that was at Main Event! All the kids had a blast!! We left there and then we went and had dinner at Anamia's and we are FINALLY at home! Karlea is already asleep on the couch beside me, Karson is asleep upstairs with daddy and I'm almost headed to bed myself!! I half way feel like I may be getting sick! Have a good night, I hope we do, I'm tired!!


Nikki B. said...

WOW! Great job! You look awesome!

Kel said...

thanks woman! It's a struggle but I feel like I have to do look at it as a life changing thing than a diet! You always look great to me! i think you are one of the ones that motivated me to start this, I always used to make excuses that I had 3 kids and TWINS, but you have had 4 and always look great!!

Heidi said...

You do look great. Although, you always look great. I am proud of your hard work. You go girl!