Friday, February 6, 2009

Hey...Karlea and I do look alike!!!

So I was at the doctor's office with Karlea yesterday and as we walked in she was right beside me like she always is, I went to the counter to check us in and pay, Karlea was right beside me looking up at the lady like I was. There were already people waiting in the waiting room so out back were to them. Both of our hair is blonde and it was up in a pony tail and we both had work out "type" clothes on and our tennis shoes. As we turned around and sat down the lady said "oh my god....yall look JUST ALIKE from the back, she looks just like a mini version of you"!! YESSSSS!! My only little princess does look like me, even if it is from behind....I WILL TAKE IT!!
I kind of see it........maybe not....a STRANGER SAW IT, SO THATS ALL THAT MATTERS!!

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Heidi said...

Super cute Kelly.