Tuesday, February 24, 2009


ARE RIDICULOUS!! What happened to them being like 20 bucks?? And only having 1 pose and only once a year?? They now have winter and spring pictures, you have 3 - 4 poses to choose from, and they are between $50 and $100. Klayton's spring pictures (the second set) are taken and then I get the proofs set home a few weeks later where I can then pick which pose I like and what package I like. I half way hope they aren't good of him because then I wouldn't feel bad not buying any especially since I have already spend close to a $100 on the first set, you know his winter pictures!! BUT these pictures are ALWAYS the best and I can't NOT buy any. I sent them back with him this morning with a $101 check attached. That is just crazy to me but they are really good, when I get them I will have to scan them and put them on here so you can see!! I couldn't decide which pose so I got 2 different packages so I could get both poses I couldn't pick between and then I have to get Grammy and Grampy a magnet because I always do and they have them on the fridge and they are so cute seeing the differences in him from years back until now. And then I always have to get me and my mom key chains and these ones are really cool because they have flashlights on them! Anyways just had to rant about the price of school pictures for a second because it's not like I'm NOT going to buy them or something!! Hope everyone is having a great day!

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