Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Friday and Saturday!

We had a great weekend this past weekend! We were missing a couple of people but they were having fun where they were too! This is everyone's Valentines starting from left to right! Shel's and Jameson's, Karson's, Klayton, Karlea's, and then daddy's. The twins LOVED there big heart suckers!

Klayton and Karlea
Klayton and Karson

Karson and Karlea (Karson's hair is crazy)

Klayton at his Valentine's party at school.

I think this was the last Friday! Shel's boys, the twins, and then Josh's niece and nephew (the other set of twins)

Mr. Jameson!

Jacob ready to ski!

Jack with all if his gear on! He told us he is now a pro at skiing! It was his third year to go and Jacob's first year. They all had a great time!

Sunday, me, Shel, Jameson, and my mom went to Tyler to take my brother some stuff I got him at sam's. Alot if drinks and chips and stuff like that! We had a great time! My mom cleaned his whole house. Shel and I switched his room to the other room one of his roommates moved out of and got his whole room set up for him. We ate good mexican food and went to the grocery store to get him stuff like milk, bread, meat....he is stocked up for a least a month if not longer, really should be longer! We had a great weekend overall!

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