Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Honey we can have another baby.....I can handle twins and a baby!!

Not HAVE HAVE another baby....I just mean I can handle taking care of the wild 2 year old twins and baby Jameson. Shelly is VERY sick with strep throat, Josh said he doesn't think he has EVER seen her this sick. So we have had Jameson since Sunday night and Jacob spent the night and day last night and today! Also this pictures are proof for Shelly that Jameson does NOT cry the whole time he can't see her face! He cried about the first 30 minutes he was here. Since then he hasn't quit smiling and being happy, well maybe last night when my mom didn't go to bed with him until after 11 and he woke up at 230 for a snack bottle and then again at 6 or so. The first night he went to sleep at about 1030 and slept all night until 5 for a bottle. But he has been a very good baby. Karlea is a little "too" much help but she means well! We have had fun!

Karlea LOVES holding her baby Jameson!!

He is trying to talk to Nan-Nan!

Karson doesn't care too much for the whole holding baby Jameson but he did want in on the picture taking with baby Jameson!

Taking a candy break!


He's fixing to roll over.....
And over he went!!

I had to take this one. Karson has Klayton's basketball shoes on and Karlea has mine on.

And for the record Ben and Nan-Nan has done there part to help me as well! As soon as Ben gets home I leave to do my 3 miles and errands and then when I get back I do my yoga and he has Jameson the whole time and is great with him. Nan-Nan takes over whatever time she gets home from work and baby Jameson sleeps with Nan-Nan at night so if he gets up she is the one that gets up with him. Thanks for helping and I hope you feel better, Shel.

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