Monday, February 2, 2009


Even though THE ONE team that SHOULD have been in the Superbowl wasn't we still had a good time at Shane and Jess's house for the 4th or 5th year in a row. This year it was just us and them and little Miss Hadyn!! We had fun. Thanks for having us, Jess and Shane!! This is what she did when she realized THE DALLAS COWBOYS weren't in the Superbowl. I could sympathise with her!

Hadyn was flipping off her daddy because her daddy had just said something "smart ass" to me and was arguing with me. Us girls have to stick together!!

Me and the hubby!

Look how big the PREEMIE diapers are on her. She needs the ones that fit dolls!! Tiny little booty girl!

TYPICAL: The guys with their eyes GLUED to the t.v. and Ben eating!

Just me and Jess!

Ready to watch the 3-D commercial!! I could NEVER watch a whole movie with these glasses on, I had a headache immediately.

Ready to watch some football!

Me and Jess!


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