Sunday, March 1, 2009

I have "real life" china dolls!!

Grampy goes to China for business sometimes and he went a while back and this is what he brought the twins back! I think they look so cute!! I wish I had a pair!! I hope everyone had a great weekend we sure did! Thank you Grampy, we love our pajama's!! Klayton had his last regular season basketball game on Saturday, they won! There are 3 teams that have won 6 games and Klayton's team is one of them, however, the top two teams are 6-1-1 and Klayton's team is 6-2 so that makes Klayton's team in 3rd place. When the top two team played each other 2 weeks ago they tied! So we play our last game this coming Saturday for 3 and 4 place. Klayton had his first baseball practice Saturday as well and it went great! So we now have baseball practice from 530-730 on Tuesday and Thursday and practice on Saturday from 11-1. This coming week is supposed to be nice again so I'm looking forward to getting to be outside most of the week!


Shelly said...

i have tagged you...come on over to my blog to see what it is all about!

Mama SeWELL said...

They are so adorable in their pajamas! What a great gift from grampy, bringing back presents is always exciting!
Have a great week!