Sunday, March 8, 2009

Klayton's last basketball game and our new Palm from Uncle Jim and Aunt Nelda!!

This is Klayton in his last basketball game of the season! They didn't win so they got 4th but he played really good! Now on to baseball! This is Klayton getting his trophy from his coach!
This our new little palm that we planted. My Uncle Jim and Aunt Nelda gave it to us! I love it so much and really really hope we can take care of it and that it lives because I LOVE IT and it makes the front yard complete! Thank you so much Nelda and Jim! I am going to take pictures of the palm and the twins standing beside it every 3 months and I will post it so you can see how much it grows and the twins, too!! We planted the second one they gave us in the back yard!

Please continue to Pray for my Uncle Jim! Thanks again Nelda and Jim, we love you!

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