Sunday, March 29, 2009

Sunday and MY latest creations!!

Sunday Klayton's baseball team, The Cardinals, had a baseball kick off party at a park! The moms played the boys in a game, we cooked out hot dogs, we had chips, potato salad, macaroni salad, drinks, and every type dessert you can think of! It was a perfect thing to be doing on such a nice day! It was really fun! The boys did beat the moms by 1 point but we gave them a run for their money and I did pretty good if I have to say so myself! I decided to make shirts again to help cheer on Klayton at his games and I think I am pretty pleased with how they turned out! Here are some pics below. Karson's is on the left, mine is on top in middle, and Karlea's is on the right!
Close up of the front of my shirt.

Close up of Karson's front.

Close up of Karlea's front.

The back of all of ours!

Close up of the back of mine.
Close up of the back of Karson's.

Close up of the back of Karlea's!
Klayton has had one game so far and they won by 1 point. He has a game tomorrow (monday) at 6 and another one on thursday at 730. He did really good in his first game! I'm excited to watch and see how great he does in his next game. I will let yall know! I hope everyone had a great week!! I am going to concentrate on doing REALLY good on my diet and exercising this week!

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