Thursday, March 26, 2009

Karlea and "her girl toys"

Karlea and I were the last ones up last night because she took a late long nap. I was in on the computer check my blogs and facebook and she was doing what she always does, carrying around as many of "her" toys as she possibly can fit in her hands. She cam over and asked me could she take the 100 things she had in her arms upstairs and I told her I didn't care. For the longest time she was at the top of the stairs playing and she kept yelling down to me to hurry and come up, I guess she was getting sleepy and wanted to get in bed. I kept saying ok and 2 hours later I realized she must had finally gotten tired of waiting on me and just went and slept with Nan-Nan, like she does MOST nights. So I finally felt tired and went up to crawl into bed, my room was pitch dark but I could see Karlea had crawled up on my side and fallen asleep. So I went to turn the bath room light on so I could move her to her pack n play and this is what I saw. It was still dark in the room, the flash of my camera made it look like it was really light but it wasn't. Anyways, this is what I found when I turned on the bathroom light to move Miss Priss.............. Daddy and Karson were sound asleep when she decided to get in bed. I guess she thought "her toys", as she like to say when Karson gets anywhere near them, she yells these are girl toys not boy toys, were sleepy too because she sure made sure she stuffed every last one of them in the bed with her and right up next to Karson. So needless to say after I moved her I had to dig out all of the toys that were in the bed as well!! I hope everyone has a great Thursday!

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Anonymous said...

That is TOO CUTE!!! Your kids are so beautiful!! So are your sister's kiddos. Glad I found yall's blogs. Love looking at all the pics.