Thursday, March 12, 2009


So the weather went from 81 on Tuesday to cold rain and a high of like 38-40 Wednesday. ARE YOU SERIOUS, that's just ridiculous! We were stuck in the house all day but that was ok because I had alot to do seeing that we are going out of town for 4 days on Friday. The big boys and the guys are going camping at a place near Coleman Texas where they live that is just unbelievable. You have to check it out! Thanks so much to Charles and Kayla for letting them be able to bring the boys, they are all so excited!! I think the BIG boys (Ben and Josh) are even more excited than the little boys! Shel and I are taking the twinkies and Jameson to my Aunt Terry Sue's in San Angelo Texas for a short little vacation. The twins love her house, they live out in the country and have alot of land. They have a basketball court the twins just love to run around on and play with the balls, they pretty much would stay outside from the time they get there until we leave. Not sure how that's going to work this time because daddy will not be with us and he is always the one that takes them out there and watches them....I mean I can't miss an important card game and it's the only time we play cards!! Anyways here are 2 pics of the kids on Wednesday. Klayton crawled up behind them at the last minute.
leaving for dinner! I thought Karlea looked like she was athletic in this little wind suit and her hair in a high pony tail (reminded me of me when I was younger)! "LOOKED" athletic is about as far as the athletic things goes right now, but she has several years to kick it in gear!!

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