Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Klayton's first baseball game of the season!

The Cardinals did so good and Klayton looked so good!! He started the game on 2nd base and the second play a ball was thrown really hard to him and he caught it and got the runner coming from 1rst out!! It was great! Then he was the first one to bat when the Cardinals were up to bat and he hit a line drive over 2nd base and got a double! He eventually scored. He played so good, the whole team looks really good! I think Klayton is one of the only new players on the team this year so I was hoping he would do really good and HE DID!! Karson and Karlea were right there cheering on there big brother well, I mean when they weren't playing in the sand...so much for the bath they took right before we went! Oh well, they had fun most of the night and Klayton was GREAT!!
You would know Karlea had friends instantly! IF she doesn't quit being so prissy she won't have them for long. Before the night was over she was yelling from the sand over to where all the parents were telling one of the little girls mothers that her little girl needed to share and that she was not being nice and that she was going to tell her mother and then pointing at me.....OOHHHH is this pay back or what!!??

They were jumping up and down yelling for Klayton...it was cute!
Klayton is at the back of the line!

This was right before we left the house. The twins shirts are way too big but it was the smallest size they had, I think I got them where they don't look too bad!! I should have just made them shirts like I did in football but oh well, maybe I will make me one!! Anyways, I just wanted to tell everyone how great my oldest son did in his football game, even after coming home from school not feeling good!! He is an athlete.....naturally of course he takes after his mother:) Good night!

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