Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Alot of pics, Christmas program, Mayfields, and Klayton!

This post has alot of pics so get ready! We went to Klayton's Christmas Program last night at school. I took a picture of this sign that was on the wall, Klayton's name is at the bottom. Of all the second graders (boys and girls and 3 rooms) Klayton got 13th in the mile and ran it in 5 minutes and 13 seconds. I thought that was VERY good! And now on to the Christmas Program! It was great! Klayton was one of the few that were in the front playing an instrument. His class sang Zumba Zumba in Spanish and English! They all did a very good job!

And for the twins...they were NOT very good to say the least! But I guess it was partly my fault. The only nap they took was when we went for my 3 mile walk, which means it was less than 45 minutes because they always wake up when we get home and never went back to sleep. Karson was so bad Ben eventually had to take him to the car where I thought for sure he would fall asleep but Ben said after having to listen to Rehab (sitting at bar on the inside) his favorite song over about 50 times he did finally get tired of that and just screamed on top of his lungs the rest of the time! Karlea whined long enough for Ben that she finally fell asleep in my moms lap through the whole program!
This is Jack, Shel's oldest, in his new cute little pea coat!

And this is Mr. Jameson (Jacob clone) in his new snugly warm blanket/outfit that Shel bought for him. He looks so peaceful and warm! He is such a good baby!

This is the twins 2 years ago about this time. How time passes so quickly. I'm really looking forward to Christmas this year, I think this is the first year they will really be into it and excited the way Klayton is.
The is a picture of a picture. I really like it but I just wish my hair looked better and I'm not sure why Ben and I look so dark because we are not! I'm not tanning. I guess its because its a picture of a picture. But I love that we finally took a pic with us all in our Cowboy stuff!

And last but certainly NOT least! Klayton's team won their Superbowl last weekend. This is him getting his trophy afterwards. He was so excited! Now on to Basketball!!

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Anonymous said...

What kind of multi-cultural song is Zumba Zumba? Do they even celebrate Christmas at school anymore?! Oh well, gald Klayton was happy and got to play an instrument. All the boys in the family love them some music.

- Josh