Monday, December 8, 2008

Christmas Tree is complete, homemade ornaments made, sleep over, new jammies, and Christmas cards DONE!!

For the most part, I am done with everything that has needed to be done! I'm not very happy with how the bows turned out for the wreath and the top of the tree but that was my fault, I should have got ribbon that had wire in it, but I like them and they will work for this year! This is the topper for the tree! We will have to make new ones next year with the right type ribbon but I think it looks fine for now!
Mine and my moms homemade Dallas Cowboys Christmas ornaments. I think these turned out really cute!!

Klayton, Lexi (cousin), and the twins Saturday night having a little sleep over! Yes, that is our bedroom floor!

The lighted garland going up the stairs!

Our tree and stockings and all the presents!

Karlea in her NEW DORA CHRISTMAS GOWN that she loves and looks even more like Cindy Lou Who!
New comfy jammies! I want some like Karlea's!

The twins actually playing and getting along! I had to take a picture of it!!

I'm really excited for Christmas! I love the look on the kids face when they walk in the room and they see what Santa has left them! I love GIVING gifts to people and watching how much they like them! SERIOUSLY, I could careless if I got one present at Christmas time, I love shopping and giving gifts more than anything in the world!! I hope everyone has a very Merry Christmas!!


Shell said...

YES, i think you have a major problem! you are a shopaholic!

i know the twins did not sleep all night on that pallet...not sure klayton did!?!?

the tree and wreath look good! the ornaments turned out really cute!

i also meant to tell you that walmart has footed pjs for klayton for 15, not sure there is anything on them you will like...

Heidi said...

You are a saint. It all looks great and you are happy. How the hell do you do it? I had rum & coke last night at just the thought of getting all the crap done. I just want to open gifts and play, like when I was a kid. Not stress over cards & cookie exchanges. Please impart your wisdom. Or come help.