Wednesday, December 17, 2008

My fun Christmas socks, Karlea in a Christmas outfit, Karson, and Rosy Cheeks!

I love my Christmas socks! My Aunt Annie (what the twins call her) bought me these over Thanksgiving. I got a ton of compliments on them today! The twins and I met Shel and Jameson, Jacob, Nanny(Josh's grandma), and Maw-Maw(Josh's mom) for lunch today at On The Border. Then we made a surprise visit to Grampy's and daddy's work. It's always nice to see daddy and Grampy during the day when normally we wouldn't! Then we stopped by Jessie's to say Hi for a minute! I guess I should have tried to find him a Christmas shirt. He has a red turtle neck but I wanted Karlea to wear it under her shirt so poor little Karson was left out on dressing Christmasy today! I just realized that we all had on something my Aunt Annie bought for us. Karson has on his camo MOOSHU'S shoes she bought for him!

Here is Miss Karlea in the outfit and the bow Aunt Annie bought for her!

Thanks Annie, we love it all!!

I took a picture of her last night because all of the sudden her cheeks were REALLY rosy and red but this picture doesn't show it very well!

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