Thursday, December 4, 2008

A cold snuggley, make homemade potato soup, stay in our p.j.'s allday kind of day!

It is cold today! Not supposed to get out of the 40's today, maybe low 50's. So we got up this morning took a good HOT bath and put on our p.j.'s with feet in them. I love these kind of p.j.'s because they can't continuously take off their socks! Klayton wants a pair but I can't find them that big:)! I'm going to make some of my good homemade potato soup so we can eat on that all day! I also need to make my Christmas ornaments for my tree that I have been meaning to make, I will let you see them when I do. I may have to cheat just a little bit today and have a cup of hot chocolate..yummy, that sounds good! I also really need to get out my Christmas cards! Anyways, I just wanted to let ya know what we are doing today, hope everyone has a great day!

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Heidi said...

OK, first of all, they are adorable. And I so wish my son would wear footie pj's. He refuses. 2nd- making ornaments? and finished with cards? Really, stop making me feel bad. And 3 - 40 degrees. You wimp! It's 15 degrees here today & snowing. I would give anything for 40 degrees.