Monday, December 1, 2008

We are back!!

We are back and we had so much fun, ate too much, and now miss all my family we left! This is the day we left o come home, Karlea has her cute little Christmas outfit on that Annie bought her and Karson has on his MOOSHU's that Annie also bought him, you would have thought we would have known the shoes make noise by the name of them but we obviously weren't paying too much attention. We get home and put the shoes on Karson and every single step he takes the shoes squeak, Karson immediately wanted them off and we were like OMG, they do that every single step. Thank goodness we were able to take the squeaker out because they are so cute!! Thanks Annie! The is my little Christmas outfit, I needed some black leggings but didn't have any and forgot to buy some so this had to work. I love my socks, they are really cute!
Karlea girl being goofy sitting inside the toy box!

Aunt Terry Sue and Karson!

We had alot of Fun! Thanks Terry Sue, can't wait to see yall again soon! We love yall!

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