Monday, December 1, 2008

Ben's 2nd Heaven!

First of all Ben was in Heaven the whole time we were gone! My Aunt Terry Sue and Keith live in the country as Klayton says and you can see deer all the time plus a few other animals....Ben probably spends more time outside when we are there than he does inside! My Uncle Keith took him to shoot his new gun and took him to the deer lease and Ben LOVED it, thanks Uncle Keith! On our way home we stopped at my cousin's place. They live on this Ranch ( they have a BEAUTIFUL house! This ranch is amazing, you have to check it out! It's like a resort type place, you can stay there and do all kinds of stuff! Ben didn't want to leave! It was really nice! My cousin Charles took Ben to shoot, Ben hasn't quit talking about it since we left! We have to go back! This picture is of Shelby taking Ben and all the kids, the twins, Klayton, and Bradley to tour the place, they had so much fun! Thanks Charles, Kayla and Shelby. And thanks to Bradley for sharing his games with Klayton!

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