Friday, December 19, 2008

The twins, more presents added under the tree, our Christmas with Shane and Jess, swimg set, and food!

This was before we left for the day one day last week. Cutie Pies! I wrapped the last of my mom's presents that she still needed wrapped, I think we are done except for one, I ran out of paper. They wrap around the whole room.
Shane and Jess holding one of our Christmas presents that we gave them. They came over on Thursday night to watch the Colts play and we also had our Christmas with them. It was fun and we got alot of cute stuff. Baby Hadyn may be earlier than we expected...but all is good, she is over 4 pounds and looks perfect on all the sono's. I can't wait to meet her. I went out today and got her some preemie outfits, they are tiny, they look like they are for Karlea's baby doll. I got her some baby legs, these cute cute little shoes, and 2 bows! With the preemie outfits that Shane and Jess went and bought today along with what I bought she should be set for the first 3 months or so.

The twins FINALLY being able to play on their new swing set. Friday it was 60 something but tomorrow it's supposed to get down in the teens before the night is over!

This was the snacks I had for us Thursday night when Shane and Jess came over. Everyone said it was good, I wouldn't know I didn't eat!!
Klayton's last day of school was today for about 12 or so days. Grammy went to Klayton's Christmas Party today and then brought him home for me. Shel, Josh, and the boys came over after school so the kids could play on the swing set. We grilled hot dogs, hot links, and beef smoked sausage on the grill for dinner. Shel and I went walking and then she went through my closet for clothes because all of the ones she has are hanging off of her after her 23 pound weight loss the first month she was on her diet. And finally Nan-Nan and Uncle Mark took the kids to look at Christmas Lights, they are still gone, I'm hoping when they get back all the kids will be sleepy and want to go to bed because that's where I'm headed. I hope yall have a great weekend, I know I will....I will tell why later!!

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